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Help - why can't I submit a meter reading?

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Sorry to hear you didn't see the email, @Paul99F, I'll feed back the point you raised to our IT team.


I recently moved into a new home 3 weeks ago and set up an online ovo account. Ive been emailed yesterday to submit a meter reading but my online account is still saying my account is currently being set up? Even after 3 weeks? What am i supposed to do

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Sorry we missed this, @mymtsang, read through the best answer for more help with this!

So I have set up account given DD details and now I can’t log into the account… is this a scam? This is nonsense I’ll be cancelling my DD ASAP if I can’t login within the hour. 

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Hi @nicholascholey 

Are you able to provide a bit more information. What error is appearing when you attempt to log into your account? Would you be willing to take a screenshot and uploading it to this thread? This will help me get a better understanding what is going on.

When taking a screenshot please make sure NO personal information such as address or bank details are showing.

Hi, it docents recognise my email address. Is there a telephone number I can use? This is stressing me out! 

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Hi @nicholascholey 


It does sound like getting a trained agent to give things a once over is best. As the email address might not be linked up, it’s probably best to call as you say. Get us on: 0330 303 5063