Why is My Gas Usage Extremely High?


I logged in today to pay my bills and noticed a high debit due to my gas usage over the last year. My gas usage has been extremely high, especially in winter, with bills over £1,000 a month, most of which is gas. It's also higher than usual in other months. Even though our habits haven't changed. Could there be an issue with my appliances or the meter? Any advice on what to check or what might be causing this?


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You’ll have to look at your meter readings. Have a look at this thread as there are explanations as to how to check them: 


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Hey @useruser,


Glad to see one of our volunteers has stopped by and given some really useful advice and similar topics. I would only add that you can also speak to our Support Team if you want to ask any account specific questions and they’re more than happy to look at this with you. 


Let us know if you get things resolved!