THTC to Economy 7 but RTS meter to be removed.

I'm an apprentice Electrician and have a customer looking for advice. Their electricity bills are astronomical at the moment. The have a mix of storage and panel heaters currently, and are on THTC from over 30 years ago. They are now looking to go onto an Economy 7 tariff and when they spoke to OVO they were simply told No with very little explanation. 

Now doing some research, the RTS will obviously be shut down in the next year so looking for some advice on behalf of our customer but also to do some research for future questions and my own knowledge.

A quick look shows that a Smart Meter with a 5th port looks like their only option. Can anyone confirm this or give anymore insight? I may phone OVO myself and ask for clarification before going back to the customer.

Thanks in advance


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Howdy @EllieSLS !

Can you give me a day or two for this one? I’m literally heading to OVO’s Bristol HQ tomorrow and that may allow me to access a certain contact or two who know an absolute TON about this stuff.

If you don’t mind holding out for a bit longer, there’s a small chance I might just be able to get their thoughts on this.

I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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... when they spoke to OVO they were simply told No with very little explanation. 


That appears sadly to be the standard response, because the issue is far more complicated than it seems to be. I suggest you do a search for THTC in these forums to find some of the challenges customers have faced, especially since it became common knowledge that the RTS system was going away (now in 2025).

OVO is working on a smart meter solution for THTC customers, but we have no idea when it will be available. They’ve been saying ‘soon’ for a year or two now. This means that customers in this situation are effectively stuck, because OVO won’t provide new meters until the solution is up and running, and no other supplier can or will take on THTC customers. That’s not all - some of those affected are in what are called ‘Load Managed Areas’, where the DNO moves the load around timewise to give everyone in the area a fair share without overloading the inadequate distribution network. So the DNO has to be involved as well. 

Please check what tariff (its name, and the unit and daily rates) your customer is currently on. It should be specified on a recent bill. Check also how much electricity they’re using at the two rates, e.g. over the past twelve months. It might be possible to switch to a more economical tariff.


Thank you very much for the reply. Looking forward to hearing.

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Hey @EllieSLS


The team are aware of issues facing our customers that are stuck on THTC and we’re working hard to make sure that a fix will be available. When we have more information the plan is to contact the affected customers to let them know the next steps.