Updates on Feedback from the VIP Day

Updates on Feedback from the VIP Day
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Hi all!

@Transparent @Leo Moran @aaronr @UC Bear @PeterR1947 @NoPoke @tony1tf

I just wanted to update you all on the progress of some of the suggestions that were made when we had our Forum feedback session at the end of the VIP Day! Any updates on the progress of feedback surrounding specific products (SMETS2, EVs etc) will be posted on the relevant topics around the Forum so make sure you subscribe to those to get notifications on anything you're interested in!

@Darran_OVO, @Tim_OVO and I had a catch-up session to discuss how we would implement some of the ideas, and this morning I've been busy putting some of your ideas forward to the Insided (forum platform) team on their online community.

The ideas I've suggested are as follows:
  • Currently online/active flag - it was mentioned that rather than seeing who has been 'recently online', it would be more helpful for superusers to be able to see who is online in real time, in order to tag active mods to get a fast response.
  • Merging notifications: we were told that sometimes you guys don't get tagged or notified if your comments have been moved (along with another user's question) onto a larger topic. While this is something we can make sure we change behaviourally for the time being, I've also suggested the possibility of an email notification whenever a post is moved.
We're also going to be having a Forum Workshop session to unify our way of working across the team.

We of course want to welcome suggestions from the wider forum, which is why we've popped this topic on the Greenhouse section for feedback and ideas, rather than in the Superuser area. Any thoughts and comments would be great!

We'll keep you updated on the progress of any changes in due course!


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Great stuff, thanks for the update! Will keep an eye out on the other areas of the forum for now then. 🙂
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Next bit of feedback you gave was a means of getting the attention of the moderators, with content you want us to see first. Great idea!

We've now changed the 'flag' option, available on every comment to read as: 'Mod alert', seen when you click here:

We'll make sure to check this folder every working day as a priority, so activity you want to report to us will be seen quickly.

This might be rule breaks, wrong info, something of interest. Use it well, if it's abused, we'll need to go back to you all for other ideas, perhaps a topic where you can send us URLs of content you want us to see.

What do you think @Transparent ?
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I'm unsure if this is a new way of working @Tim_OVO , or if you've just changed the text from reading "Flag post" to "Mod alert"!

I think there are two different categories to consider:

a. a post which needs action because it's got abusive or suspicious content and needs taking down really quickly. I've been using "Flag" for this, but it can still take hours before any of the Mods sees this. I think that's because you don't actually get a red-flag waving on your screens to alert you!

If nothing seems to be happening, I tend to start sending PMs to any Mod who's written to the Forum during the previous few hours.

b. a post that needs attention, such as moving it to the correct Topic, but I don't know which Mods are on-duty. So I actually guess and randomly tag a couple of Mods within a reply. I assume that does at least show up as an incoming email on your screen to say that you've been tagged... if I've successfully tagged someone who's actually on duty, of course!
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We need to check this reported folder, and have already made the team aware that this needs to be checked regularly. I've made sure this feedback is fed back to the mod team, so we are all on the same page.

A good tip for checking which mods are online is the 'Recently online' feature.

We tend to have the 1 mod assigned to the forum per day. We could let super users know who this is for each day, so that you know who to reach out to when urgent..... how about this workaround @Transparent @ITGeek123 @Phil_H ?
Hi All

Having read the above I just have a few comments.

If there is 1 mod assigned to the forum each day could you not just have an "Ovo on_call" who we could report it to which would go to whichever mod is "on-call" that day?

We dont necessarily need to know which mod it is- just that it will be seen and acted on if needed.- if they respond we can see who it is in their reply.

I am sure there are some posts that we would all report i.e. abuse, suspicious content, spamming/promoting on the boards, or adding personal info to a post.

However some other categories may be less obvious ranging from serious to less serious. So something I might report another user might not. What is an urgent query? eg Someone has a pre-payment meter, cannot top up and has no power?

Can all forum users report posts? eg if they see offensive content?

Can a user delete or edit their own post if they have included their personal info?
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Well I needed a Moderator earlier to fish another of my posts out of the Spam-bin. But I failed to notice this new Topic about the Moderator Of The Day. So I PM'd @Tim_OVO on the assumption he was around... but heard nothing.

I didn't get to PM @Eva_OVO until after she'd clocked off for the day, so my message is still at the bottom of the bin. 🙁

In response to @Phil_H , yes, anyone can Flag a post. You get a dialogue box which allows them to say why it needs attention.

You can only delete or edit a post for about 30mins after it's uploaded. After that time, it's locked into the system.

A lot more of my posts end up in the Spam bin than other users because there's something in the filtering system which thinks my use of color-tags is suspicious. The problem then is not just that a Moderator has to retrieve it, but that I cannot do any further editing once it gets placed back on the open Forum pages.

A lot of my posts are technical and graphical. So there's little chance of me getting them correct on the first occasion I upload them.

I don't think us Ninjas see the same user-interface as the Moderators. They have more options than we do.

What I'd really like to see is a way of adding sound as an Alert to the Duty Moderator. That would mean all the other team members could hear the sound and take appropriate action. If the sound for something hitting the Spam-bin was a cymbal crash, and the sound for us flagging something as offensive/incorrect was a window-pane being broken, then I think we'd get a faster response.

At the moment a Moderator has to take positive action to see if such Alerts are waiting for attention.

Failing all that, why not have an IP Camera pointing at the Moderator desks?

If Mod Of The Day got to wear distinctive headgear, then we'd know who to send a PM to! 😉
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@Transparent I've checked the spam folder this morning and cannot see anything from you in there, so assume its been retrieved. Worth noting we see a lot of stuff ending up in spam, however about 99% of it is actually spam, so the tool is definitely doing it's job. 🙂

You have up to 60 minutes after posting something to edit it, so should give you plenty of time to make any amends. ✏

Yes check out the Mod of the day every morning so you know who to tag, this will help us manage any questions, flags etc. Means you will know who to go to, to ensure you get a quicker reply/response where it's needed. As we said previously, we have improved processes to ensure we are checking the reported and spam folders much more frequently. 👊🏻
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OK... so 60mins allowance time for editing is fine... unless it falls into the Spam bin in the process! At that point I can do no more editing, even if it gets retrieved and placed in the correct location by a Moderator.

I'm stunned that you're getting 99% Spam in the bin. This must be arriving from directions other than the web-based interface to this Forum.

What about white-listing the Ninjas?😍

And the Topic giving the Mod-of-the-day isn't showing anyone for this morning.

Is there a way of having the Mod-of-the-day in the location where you Pin the three Topics as the Forum Banner?... I mean just a single picture/name, without us actually having to delve into the Topic and scroll down to the last entry.
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60 mins is plenty of time, you just need to stop making your posts end up in spam....... :)

Give us a chance, its only 9.46am, and this is a new process for us. The mod of the day will be updating this shortly.

Featured topics are not used for that purpose, if we feel we need to put it there, if it becomes an issue to look for it, then we might consider it. If you subscribe to the mod of the day topic, every morning when the mod of the day comments, you'll get a notification. Simples. 🙂
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☺ I wish I knew why my posts end up in Spam so often. It tends to be those where I'm trying to make corrections to color-tags. But on long posts I can sometimes successfully re-edit 7 or 8 times before the post suddenly gets regarded as suspicious.

That was precisely what happened with this post yesterday.

The moment it finally got grabbed by the Spam-filter was when I added a missing color-end-tag. Whaaaat?! It's already got about 50 color-tags. What's so suspicious about inserting one more missing end-tag?!

That post was one of my most important ones, looking at the importance of the Kaluza-platform in future electricity management. So I really wanted to ensure it was properly laid out.
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Another quick update - @Transparent this one might interest you.

I suggested "merge notifications" to the Insided community and one of the Community Managers is taking it to the product team! The idea is to give the person merging the option to send a notification to the user whose topic/post it was (or not).
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I suggested "merge notifications" to the Insided community and one of the Community Managers is taking it to the product team! The idea is to give the person merging the option to send a notification to the user whose topic/post it was (or not).

Niceeeeeeeee, let's wait and see on this one! 😎