IVR - Press 1 for..... We need your help to improve our IVR when you call us

  • 12 December 2017
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We need your help to make getting in touch with OVO better.

When you call us, we ask you to select from the following options but we are not convinced this is clear enough or working as a number of our customers end up in the wrong place.

These are the current options you get when you call us:
1 - If you have a top up meter or use keys or cards to buy your energy Press 1
2 - If you're already a customer and you need help from our Customer Services team, press 2
3 - If you've recently signed up and want to talk to us about your new account, press 3
4 - If you're calling to switch, or you've moved into a property already with OVO and you want to tell us you've moved in, please press 4

We'd love to find out the following:
1 - Is this clear? Do you know where you will be directed to by each option?
2 - We currently have one version of this, for all customers, do you think this is the right approach?
3 - What options do you think would make more sense to you as a customer?
4 - Do you know what we mean by the terms Pay Monthly and Pay as you go?
5 - We'd love your feedback on this so please answer the above and add any other comments or ideas.

We want to make this work better for you, please get posting below to help us improve the service we offer you.

We look forward to reading your comments.


9 replies

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Having recently joined, I was slightly puzzled by the options when I called up as options 2 & 3 are virtually the same as even if I'm a new customer, I'm already a customer so why not combine options 2 & 3?

I think it's good to have the same number for all queries and yes, I understand what PAYG and PayM mean
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Thanks @PeterR1947, good point. Thanks for the feedback. Any thoughts on what might make it clearer?

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I agree with PeterR1947. My new contract with OVO "went live" last week, although I'd been receiving news of my account opening for 3 weeks prior to that. I haven't a clue when you regard me as having become a customer:-
- When you confirm to me that I'm switching to you?
- When I know my account number?
- Only on the designated switch date?

Your phone options could have lines 2 & 3 combined into one question, and then these get divided by the second question:
"Press 1 if you have an active account number/
"Press 2 if you a new customer who doesn't yet have an account number"
(or whatever your criteria are)
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That's great @Transparent. Thanks for the feedback, super helpful.

Any other ideas on this, keep them coming.

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I'm happy with it as it is. Although I had difficulties contacting agents about OVO everywhere to begin with
I rarely use the phone and much prefer Internet, so take my comments with a pinch of salt. When I read your text for option 4, I assumed you were talking about retentions - talking to existing customers who want to switch to another supplier. I thien wondered what that had in common with moving to new properties.

How about talking in terms of "if you're thinking of joining us..." instead.
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Thanks to you both @geoffenator and @Dan W for your feedback, much appreciated.

Any other ideas on this, please send them our way :)

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Any feedback from you @Mw2870? Be great to get your input on this one.

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1) Is this clear?
Not completely, people who have PAYG may be confused as to whether they press 1 or 2 depending on their query.

2) We currently have one version of this, for all customers, do you think this is the right approach?
Maybe start by filtering all customers on PAYG v Account? Could this be done automatically by CLI (presuming of course the number is registered on your systems). If not maybe an additional menu?

3) What options do you think would make more sense to you as a customer?'
How about
a)Have a problem with your supply
b)Calling to make a payment or top up your meter
c) Recently Signed up
d) Wish to talk to us about moving home
e) Speak to customer services about another issue

4) Do you know what we mean by the terms Pay Monthly and Pay as you go?
I do. These terms are more often associated with mobile phone accounts which I guess is why you have gone for it. Another option would be Pay by Direct Debit vs top up your meter??


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