Customer Experience at OVO Energy - Good or Bad? We want to hear from you!

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OVO Energy is growing fast and as such, we want to make sure that as we grow we continue to deliver an amazing customer experience to all our existing and new customers.

Therefore we need you all to help us continue improving by telling us what you like and don't like about our customer service and the overall experience of being an OVO customer.

Please get commenting below to share you experiences. Don't be shy, we can only improve if you tell us where we are not quite hitting the mark, and can only continue to be amazing in the areas you rate as customers if you share the good times too!

We look forward to reading your comments, get posting and help support us in making OVO Energy even better for all of you!

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I joined OVO after hearing a radio interview with your founder a few years ago. I was impressed with what I heard and decided to makle the switch the same day. Since then I have been impressed with the customer service that I have received although I am also more impressed that I rarely need to contact you!

Initally OVO was very competitively priced and fgeatured as a Which best buy. The price advantage has been eroded by other smaller players some of which were obviously not financially robust enough and eventually failed. I think OVO taking over these customers is one of the factors that is impacting OVO's current standing as it is not planned growth.

Unlike some contributions I really like the statements. They are clear and provide all the details necessary. I am also a fan of the My Ovo detailed energy usage graphs.

I also like the forum area with its friendly atmoshere. In fact friendy is an adjative that applies to all aspects of OVO interaction imho.

The system that suggests changes to direct debits in order to balance annual expenditure needs serious work. I have had wide swings in "suggested" monthly payments. However as OVO pays a really good rate of interest on credit balances I think of it as a savings account.

My smart meter has been working flawlessly since it was installed so I have no problem with that.
I have been with OVO since 2013, I switched to OVO from SSE when they were the first of the big Six to announce a big increase in price that year. I had had enough and decided it was time to move. When I joined OVO they offered a more competitive price and were a smaller company who listened to their customers.

I have been happy as an OVO customer since that time. What I like is that you listen to your customers. If I have a problem and need to contact you I can rely on the fact that it will be resolved.

As some of you will know, I am not keen on Smart Meters. When I was initially contacted by OVO about them about 4 years ago, I let them know I was not interested and since then I have had no hard sell- thank you OVO.

There is lots of content on this forum about direct debits and billing. In my case I am quite happy. I give OVO my meter readings every month, OVO send me a statement and my direct debit is stable. I find that if you know how much energy you use, ensure your direct debit is sufficient to cover your use through the year it all works very well. Yes, I am generally in credit with OVO which keeps my direct debit stable, but they pay me 5% interest on my balance and its more than I get from my savings account.

What don’t I like?

My biggest bugbear is the design and format of the monthly statements. My OVO monthly statement is 8 pages long, why is it so complicated??? I have to get to page 3 just to find how much I have been charged this month and page 4 and 5 to find out how much electricity and gas I have used. I’m sure the response will be we have to include xxx and yyy in the statement. However I have to look after my mothers EDF energy account and their statements are MUCH simpler and easy to understand.

I think these statements need re-designing from scratch. Start with how much energy I have used and what you are charging me, compare it to last month or last year, but put everything else in another document. Make the statement just that a statement of what I have used and what I am being charged. Simplicity is key here.

Finally, I am not sure about the future. OVO is getting bigger and I notice that if you look at the Citizens Advice customer service scores OVO are now 24 out of 39, that’s 23 companies doing better.

Is this because OVO is getting too big? OVO only get one star for easy to contact, does this reflect the fact that they have taken on too many new customers?

I also need to consider my future with OVO. My 2 year fixed rate deal ends in November and I am starting to look at what I will do next. Using my last years energy usage and having looked at current tariffs, if I were to switch to the latest 2 year Better Energy all online my annual bill will be just over £160 (~16%) more than I am paying now. Again looking at the competition and focusing on those with good customer service reviews, there are several deals where I would be paying the same as I am now. I will keep this under review until its time to renew but I am not sure I can justify staying with OVO if the price differential remains.
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I signed up to OVO specifically to be involved in Vehicle to Grid. That was almost a year ago and I'm still waiting to get the charger fitted. On top of that the deal I negotiated, having come out of a previous 2 year deal early, isn't right for V2G and I have to change again from Economy 7 to 24 hour rate and as the price has gone up since then a new contract is going to cost more, something I wasn't told when I signed up. Even with the extra money per kW it's likely I'll hardly make anything at all extra.....and compared with the deal I was previously on, may mean I'm out of pocket.

I still want to help out on the trials but feel as though I'll actually be paying OVO for the trial rather than the other way round...

Other than that I haven't any complaints with the service, in fact very happy with it. If you can just organises something, one way or the other with the V2G I'll be over the moon...
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Glad to see some sensible comments already that I agree with, like cumbersome overcomplicated statements and the worry that OVO has dramatically slipped down the UK energy supplier tables.

After a bit of a mess up with my tariff rates on switching to OVO over a year ago things went well until I opted for SMETS2 meters last month. The "sales" description looked good but the promised IHD to be installed on the day didn't happen. I was told one would arrive. Two weeks later nothing. Emailed in and told one would be ordered, but still nothing.

The 6 to 8 week timeframe for my account to get sorted after having smart meters is too long. Like others I have a credit balance that I cannot get refunded because the app says I have to wait for my next account statement. Why not refund high balances before a smart meter is installed or st least warn customers their credit is frozen?

The self service reward is a good idea but I am never sure whether contacting OVO will disqualify me from getting it. The T&C for it are vague. If I have a question at a supermarket customer service desk I wouldn't expect to loose loyalty points or be charged extra.

Will I be with OVO when my 2 year rate ends? Three months ago I would have said probably. Now it's a probably not.
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Loving the online focus and forums based customer service very much.

Like others, bit of a rough experience on Smart Meters, but I'm sure that's industry wide. I still think OVO could've done better in terms of a more pro active, consistent and orderly approach to the smart meter IHD calculations bug, but I expect OVO will learn from the experience.

Like others have said, our suggested direct debit calculations also haven't been very stable.

Message/email based customer service has been a bit weak, to be honest. The forum based customer support has been EXCELLENT: friendly, helpful and informative.

Will be a shame to leave. Our deal ends on September but it'll be a busy month, so we'll be checking our options mid August. Hoping the price point with OVO fixed deals can justify staying.
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Overall my experience as a customer has been great. I've had very little need to contact OVO and my bills are self-explanatory. I like the account information on the website it's very easy to follow and I've had no problem at all with my smart meter.
The only time I had any issue was after I split up with my husband. Trying to get him taken off the account was a nightmare, every person I spoke to told me something different and none of it worked. Eventually after several weeks I spoke to someone who knew exactly what to do and everything has been fantastic since.
My experience prior to getting Smart Meters was fine. Only needed to contact you once just after I switched and that was resolved.

My main issue at present is related to the ongoing issue I have with my electric Smart Meter which was installed on 17th April. Both meters were working when the engineer left and then the electric meter stopped sending readings and disconnected from the IHD on 22nd Apr. Since then it's done nothing. Gas Mater is working fine and sending readings.

I've contacted the Customer Care Team and chased via email and so far it's been very poor in terms of communication on what is happening. I keep checking this forum for any updates as I've not been kept informed any other way.

I understand that "resolution" is likely to take 2-3 months, which seems like the issue isn't easily rectified by either yourselves or a 3rd party.

I've been submitting my electric readings on a regular basis like I was doing before the Smart Meters were installed and am slightly worried what would happen should I decide to move away from OVO when my current deal expires in October and the elec meter is still not sending readings and connecting to the IHD.

All in all, not a great Smart Meter experience.
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Service always spot on here, but... I'm also coming out of 2 year fix, and Ovo is one of the most pricey going forward. British gas have just lowered prices! We are prepared to pay a bit more for good service, but the price difference is significant now.

The self service reward is a good idea but I am never sure whether contacting OVO will disqualify me from getting it. The T&C for it are vague. If I have a question at a supermarket customer service desk I wouldn't expect to loose loyalty points or be charged extra.

I agree, I am starting to think this was introduced as OVO were expanding and before they took on all the Economy Energy customers, and they knew they could not provide sufficient customer support if they did not change the system.

I think costs should be lower for those managing their accounts online i.e give meter readings online and paperless billing, email contact but other suppliers offer lower prices without restricting customers from contacting customer services if they feel they need to.

It does not send a good message to customers, and is what I would expect from the big six and not OVO.
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Hi @lepirate 

Sorry to hear you haven’t had a good experience with OVO. I do not work for OVO, just a customer like yourself and love to help other customers. 

If you weren’t happy with the service and want to provide feedback, it might be best to raise a complaint by clicking on the link below


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I have had good customer experience with OVO, I know it's early days yet as I have only been with OVO for 9 months !

Since joining OVO, like other customers, I have had a few issues with usage data on my smart meter but it is resolved now and my emails are always replied to which is in contrast to my previous energy supplier which had notoriously bad customer service !

Scottish Power also refused to install a gas smart meter as they reckoned the signal was too weak despite me offering to remove the lid that was part of a cupboard that was enclosing my old gas meter.

By contrast when I joined OVO last July, within a few weeks I had both smart meters installed and my gas smart meter is able to send a signal after I removed the lid.

I told the installer what I was told that it was not possible to install a gas smart meter in my home and he said if the worse comes to the worse he would install it on the MESH system (whatever that is)

As it turns out I didn't need MESH anyway.

OVO keep up the good work !




Firstly switching to OVO was the biggest mistake of my life! The stress caused by them through cancer and epilepsy 🤦‍♀️😞 ZERO HELP!!

No grant so don’t expect one even though I don’t have a job.

Smart meters 4 years ago have completed messed up my bills and up until that point I had never missed a payment in my life. 

OVO won’t admit it just lie and lie.

I’ve never dealt with such bad customer service. One department doesn’t know what the other is doing! Thrr Er y don’t communicate and Ive been a legal secretary for 30 years so know what I’m talking about.

any advice, anyone…..,.. thinking of writing to Piers Morgan now SERIOUSLY get him to sort them out!’ 





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I’m really sorry to hear of your experience, @SarSay, we really need to have access to your account, so that we can best offer help, please reach out to the team. 

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on You can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. The line will say for emergencies only at the moment, but please hold until you reach an agent. 

This topic my be of help to you. 


Thank you Amy

Re: Sarah Sayer 

but sadly after 4 years I’ve probably emailed and rung your numbers enough times and got nowhere ….. so really what is the point?

I’m happy to go to Court now over the bill because then they can see what OVO have done and I can get the Press involved too.


Sarah Sayer


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Have you tried going down the route of escalating a complaint with ourselves @SarSay?


I’d recommend going through the complaints process with us first, as we may be able to get this resolved for you here. Further info on the procedure here.


I’m sorry you feel like you’ve exhausted all options to get this solved, but I really do feel it’s worth trying to solve it through to complaints process.

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@SarSay- I agree with @Ed_OVO. OVO score very high in the annual Which? report on domestic Energy Suppliers. Very few of their customers reach the stage of taking their issue to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

If this all went wrong with having a SMETS1 Smart Meter four years ago, then I think that can be resolved.

Firstly there are National databases which hold records of all domestic meters; ECOES for electricity, and Xoserve for gas. Even if OVO have made a mistake, those databases will show what meters were fitted where, and the readings whenever an exchange or switch was instigated.

Secondly, OVO use an external 3rd party, Morrison Data Services, to handle all aspects of meter records. These records are separate to the ones used for Billing within OVO themselves.

If these records don’t all match each other, then OVO will need to offer a financial remedy.

Please use the system. It works!

Post here again if you need clarification.

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When I first joined OVO in 2015 they were a breath of fresh air compaired to my previous supplier. I never did understand their bills and thankfully OVO made that so much simpler. I honestly felt I was a part of something really special when I first joined.

Moving on 12 months it’s a very different story and OVO paints a very different picture!

In recent years I’ve repeatedly contacted OVO to put right mistakes, either in the figures shown on my bills or in their failure to pay my Self Service Reward (SSR), as is often the case they only pay half. Now I’m not someone who phones OVO for help and if the problem cannot be solved via the self help forums, only then will I send them an email.

OVO have used a variety of excuses for non payment of my SSR, the worst being that it was a ‘computer glitch’! In every case however OVO have promised to rectify the mistake and ensure it won’t happen again. Of course it did happen again, over and over again.

When I took out my 2 Year Fixed Contract, one of the conditions of that contract was that I would ‘Self Serve’ my account entirely via the internet. As we know, OVO promise to pay a Self Service Award every three months when all the conditions have been met, saving the customer £60 per year for duel fuel accounts. As mentioned above, OVO have repeatedly failed to deliver on that promise, therefore breaking the terms of that agreement.

As we all know, if you have ever contacted OVO via email you receive an aknowledgement stating the following:

“We will get in touch with you within 48 hours and to ensure we can resolve your query as soon as possible, we may call you to discuss the email further. The number will display as withheld.

Why then do OVO repeatedly fail to deliver on that promise too? My most recent email was to ask why my Annual Statement figures do not match my Monthly Statement figures, I sent that email on the 9th January 2020, I received an acknowledgement but have not received a reply. 72 hours have now elapsed. So much for replying within 48 hours as promised!! Same thing happened last week when I noticed OVO had failed to send me my Electricity Statement in Novemeber, again 72 hours passed before I received that reply!

Having grown very tired of the many lies and constant mistakes with my account I have now decided to leave OVO mid contract and move to Octopus. Yes it really is that bad that I would even consider paying my exit fees of £60 but needs must to protect my sanity!

I think in these kind of situations OVO should look at compensating customers for failing to provide a good service and waive these exit fees entirely. Octopus don’t charge exit fees on any of their contracts so why then do OVO?

It seems to me that OVO have grown too big too quickly and ths has been to the detriment of the service they provide. I no longer consider them to be anything ‘special’ and sadly I’m now leaving with a very bitter taste in my mouth.

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As we all know, if you have ever contacted OVO via email you receive an aknowledgement stating the following:

“We will get in touch with you within 48 hours and to ensure we can resolve your query as soon as possible, we may call you to discuss the email further. The number will display as withheld.

Why then do OVO repeatedly fail to deliver on that promise too? My most recent email was to ask why my Annual Statement figures do not match my Monthly Statement figures, I sent that email on the 9th January 2020, I received an acknowledgement but have not received a reply. 72 hours have now elapsed. So much for replying within 48 hours as promised!! 


96 hours have now elapsed and still no word from OVO :rolling_eyes: Either nobody works at weekends or the 48 hour promise is BS!


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Huh! Finally I got a reply from OVO, only 102 hours wait this time!!

Wish I hadn’t bothered in all honesty, customer service have completely misundrstood my enquiry which will now take several more emails and further delays to put right.

They did at least agree on one thing however, my Annual Statement is wrong and needs looking at again. I wonder if they got everyone’s wrong?!! Nothing would surprise me, it’s one mistake after another. :rage:

A well deserved thumbs down from me



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Ah this isn’t great to hear, @Slinky, especially as it seems to be an ongoing issue, I completely understand your frustration, there has been a build up of emails over the festive period, but we need to look into the time frames we are giving as they are misleading, if we’re not meeting them.

Sorry about the incorrect statement, kudos for spotting this! We understand customers rely on the Annual Consumption figures when comparing tariffs. We follow Ofgem guidelines on how these are calculated and presented, mistakes like this are rare. Although the Annual Consumption statistics don't impact the amount you have been charged, we appreciate that they are no less important. Please rest assured very effort is made to ensure accuracy.

It’s a real shame to hear you’ll be switching, although under the circumstances I appreciate why you would wish to. So that we can help as quickly possible, please reach out to our Facebook, Twitter, team they’ll be able to make a note of your feedback on you account and offer further help. 


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Thank you for showing an interest.

Ongoing issue seems to be an understatment. Personally I feel that OVO have singled me out for unfair treatment, I don’t see anyone else making these kind of complaints. 

Yes the time frames for responding to emails (within 48 hours) is very misleading and seems to suggest that problem solving is not important to OVO.

I started my switch to Octopus a few days ago now which will probably now be delayed until someone at OVO decides to take responsibility for these mistakes. All I’m asking is that I am treated fairly and that my ‘Annual Statement’ is corrected and any refunds due are paid back promptly. The final paragraph from OVO’s latest reply seems distinctly uninterested in solving anything


I apologise for any confusion caused but thank you for bringing the error to our attention and we can investigate further.


Kind regards,




This email raises further questions, like when will OVO investigate this problem? When will they contact me with further help? Will they be putting the problem right? Will they waive my exit fees for treating me unfairly for the last 2-3 years?

It seems a solution is only something I can wonder about right now. 

Regarding Facebook/Twitter, I don’t use either platform so if you have any better solutions I’m all ears?


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We won’t be able to give a time frame for this without looking at your account, @Slinky, we also can’t say for sure whether your exit fees can be waived either. 


If you don’t use social media, I’d recommend giving the team a call instead they’re available Monday-Friday 8am-6pm on 0330 303 5063 - this won’t affect your SSR. 

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Thank for your feedback, whilst I welcome their investigation into my account I think it’s probably more important that they’ve understood the original question which I don’t think they have. The above mentioned response from Rachael seemed to suggest otherwise. Needless to say I have replied back once again to ask for clarification. Rachael did send me her own calculations (see below) for the annual statement period but these seem wrong also.

Rachaels calculations...v.s. Annual Statement

Electricity 2413 kWh 

making a difference of 181 kWh


Gas 6091 kWh


making a difference of 928 kWh


As you can see Rachaels revised figures are completely different to what is shown on my annual statments and also completely different to what is shown on my monthly statments added together for that same period. It just doesn’t make sense! How can any customer have faith in OVO if they can’t even work out our bills correctly? This has been my main gripe for the last few years. I’ve need to contact OVO far to many times over billing issues. 

Lets see what the next respondent comes back with and how long it will take to reply. My next step will be to make an ‘Official Complaint’, something that perhaps I should have done long ago!

I'm in the same boat as you, as you know:( how easy was it to change to octypus while your investigations are going on. I think I also will need to go to ofgem also, especially if my exit fees aren't waived. I renewed not knowing the problems I would have, so feel I have been misold a product:(

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I’ve more or less answered these questions in my other reply here:

Changing supplier with the first generation of smart meters - bad move?

You’ll have to raise an official complaint before you can take it to the Ombudsman, you can find info about how to complain here: Want to make a complaint?

Personally I’ve not found the system of complaining to be very user friendly in as much that OVO will send you a reply but then ask you to respond within 24 hours or they will close your complaint. At least that’s how it worked for me. I’ve been playing ping-pong with them the last few days sending replies back and forth but it seems very much as though they’re just trying to wear me down. Nobody at OVO seems to take responsibility when you do complain, I’ve had a different person email me each time so there’s little or no continuity in what is being said.

They’ve gone through the motions of trying to phone me but on both occasions they only let it ring for a few short seconds so not even long enough to answer it.

I don’t think any of us would renew if we knew what kind of problems we might endure. Being misold a product might be a difficult thing to prove but you can demonstrate OVO’s negligeance in failing to administer your account correctly.  I’d recommend keeping all communications from OVO so you can provide the necessary evidence should your complaint make it to the ombudsman.