The EV Everywhere plan is relaunching!

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Update 04/06/2020

Smart Chargers stop being offered on the 24th of March 2020



We’ve got some exciting news to announce and a new offer for any new EV customer signing up to OVO and fixing onto our EV tariff!

🚙 The EV Everywhere plan is relaunching! 🚙

With any new sign up, you’ll be able to choose either a free Smart Charger, or a POLAR Plus membership, giving you access to a network of charging points across the UK.

The new EV Everywhere plan also boasts 2 years of fixed rates, as well as 100% green energy and the option to work with Economy 7 meters.

The Smart Charger is perfect for charging at home. With smart features ready to go, you can support a zero-carbon energy grid thanks to Kaluza charging technology.

Alternatively the POLAR membership allows you to power up at thousands of UK charge points from the Cornish coast to the Scottish highlands. Ideal for charging on the go or if you can’t charge at home!

You can find out more information and sign up to this brilliant offer .

This bundle is currently for new customers only right now. We’re working on bringing something similar to existing customers - watch this space! 🤓


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Hello @Nancy_OVO ,


I was interested in what @JimTraynor said in one of the earlier posts that a Polar account is a waste of time as it’s free to charge in Scotland…..erm, perhaps I’m missing something here.

My understanding is that The Electric Highway in Scotland was set up by CyC in conjunction with Nissan and grants from the UK Government and for £20 membership fee, you could charge using any of their chargers across the UK, including Scotland. Charge Scotland took over the running of the scheme North of the Border and put their stickers over the CyC and Nissan badges and only tell the people of Scotland that it’s provided by The Scottish Government (try ringing the out of hours number and you’ll learn the truth.) So people in Scotland have to pay £20 a year, the same as me for CyC and when I come to Scotland I’m using the exact same scheme as Jim is.

But here’s the thing, a free Polar Plus account allows you to use Polar charges anywhere within the UK….and as they took over CyC some years ago, Jim can actually use all the Charge Scotland and CyC chargers UK Wide for free with no annual £20 a year subscription charge as well as the Polar network….and since Polar was taken over by BP Chargemaster it also means you can use the BP garages….(check up on that one).

The one thing that annoys me is go to the Charge Scotland website and when you look for where you can charge your car it only shows chargers in Scotland, none south of the border, so either people are being short changed with their membership in Scotland or someone doesn’t want people crossing the border to charge.






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Take a look at this topic for more info, @MikeDenn. Choosing the smart charger over a POLAR membership wouldn't affect your prices.
Am I correct in think in to get a EV charger you have to sign a new contract? and this will be at a new higher rate?
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I've moved your post to this thread, @ChristopherTracy, everything you need to know about our EV Everywhere plan is above .

Just to clear up a couple of your points, we don't currently offer a cheaper nighttime tariff other than Economy 7 and we can't currently support Scottish Power smart meters but like you mentioned we can install ours for free.

@ITGeek123 is there any insight you could offer with regards to the effectiveness of this plan?

My scenario is:
  • that I am with one of the main 6 supplier (Scottish Power)
  • had an electric car for 2 years (and no chance of going back to an ICE)
  • have a wall charger at home
  • pay the monthly subscription to Polar
  • I have a SP meter
  • I do not have Economy 7
My problem is that:
  • I cannot get a detailed quote on my annual usage on EV Everywhere plan
Is it cost effective?.. I would save on the monthly payment for Polar, though the price of my SP plan is going up £40 when I come off my fixed price at the end of this month.

My questions are:
  • How effective is switching to the EV Everywhere?
  • Is/are there tariffs for cheaper nighttime use, that are not an Economy 7 plan?
  • Can my SP meter be used by Ovo (I am not bothered if it gets changed - I dont use it that much other than to do the monthly readings as it save me a 30sec walk, else it is off for the rest of the month

I assume I have no use for the wall charger, since I already have would benefit from the polar.. though that is just a £8/month.
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Hey @maesawelon if you are already in a contract with us on EV Everywhere, you'll need to wait until renewal to be able to re fix in on EV Everywhere and get your free Smart Charger. It's not possibly to switch to that option during your contract, as you are already on EV Everywhere and have the polar plus membership.

Hope that makes sense, you'll see the option to choose the Smart Charger when you renew.

Hi @D600,

Coincidentally, in the last few days, we've added the option to choose the free OVO Smart Charger option to existing customers! If you're interested, you just need to sign up through your online account.


I don't have the option to sign up through my online account. I already have EV Everywhere with POLAR membership which I have not used. I would much prefer a Smart Charger. How do I go about changing from the POLAR option to the Smart Charger?


If I already have an EV Everywhere plan, can I change from having POLAR membership - which I have never used - to a Smart Charger, please?
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Hi @D600,

Thanks for that. Just referring back to your post from 11 days ago:

'When do you envisage launching a EV Smart Charger programme for existing customers, that they could review in making an informed decision?'

If I've understood correctly, you're looking for a way for your existing charging set up to be managed differently? Please correct me if I'm wrong here!

This may be something we, or our partners over at Kaluza, look to do in the future. However, as you say, right now we are focussed on providing the hardware and intelligent energy platform components together. That's not to say that they can't be separated at some point in the future.

We certainly don't want to force our chargers on people though, especially if you already have a chargepoint at your property, so I'm sorry if you feel this way. I'll review our website content to see how we might make it clearer that our bundle includes a physical chargepoint that we will come and install.

I understand that many new properties are being built with chargepoints, like your own. However, there are also lots of properties that are not being built with chargepoints. We believe our current bundle offers EV drivers who do not already have a charger a great opportunity to have one installed free of charge.


Hi @Hari_OVO ,

To clarify your slight confusion I have a charger and a smart meter but they are not OVO’s. The Single Rate Watt Hour meter is an original eOn Landis & Gyr Type 5235A linked to a NETTHINGS energy management system that operates a smart meter independent of my Ethernet/wifi. You want to replace all that with your kit and piggy –back on my internet service – which ain’t going to happen. As a result you cannot manage the regulated optimal charging of a vehicle.

10 days ago my post outlined the situation, and other posts reflected my thinking about your approach. It was clear from then that apparently installing a mandatory OVO smart meter was not on.

It has taken a long time to get to the bottom of what is possible. This should have been easier.
As the situation is dynamic it is hard for customers to know what is possible. Some of your OVO team posts are superficial “you just need to sign up through your online account” So one should be forgiven for thinking one is missing something, or has not been given the full story.

Like I said in my last post “this should be spelt out very clearly in your materials to avoid misunderstanding

I also said on this forum you have made business decisions which from my knowledge will limit rollout.

You now have around 1.5m households but there are many new properties being built with EV Chargers and Smart Meters that are not yours and they won’t be changing them anytime soon. But you decided you would get into that business and force in your charger and smart meter, rather than leverage existing systems. This will leave a bad taste in the mouth of customers.

Actually before switching to OVO over a year ago, I had already mastered energy use in this premises – not surprising then that every time I submitted readings your system said please check again your number seems too low and resubmit. Factually I had the smart meter turned off two years ago as I knew how to control cost and it was just draining additional KWh.
Homo sapiens is an intelligent life form it doesn’t need an IoT nanny.
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Hi @D600,

Thanks for your message!

I'm slightly confused as to what you mean by this:

'While I should be able to plug in to the existing charger like an additional appliance you cannot accommodate its regulation as I understand it'

When the chargers are installed, they are wired to your consumer unit (fusebox) and to your wireless router. The further away these two things are from the your preferred chargepoint location, the harder it will be to install.

We do require an OVO smart meter and an ethernet connection so that the charger can be connected to Kaluza, which in turn enables its 'smart' capability. In the future, we may have a 3G/4G or other wireless variant but currently the only option is to wire it directly into your router.


Hi folks, @Ed_OVO @Amy_OVO

I could be misssing something but from what I have read on your website and gleaned from the forum posts here, the prerequisites for an existing OVO Energy customer include the following :

a) OVO smart meters are mandatory.
b) OVO ethernet connection is mandatory - as chargers are not designed with their own communications capability.

If so, this should be spelt out very clearly in your materials to avoid misunderstanding.
According to these prerequisites your offer for existing customers is limited.

I am on my second year with OVO energy. It is a 2015 high energy efficient modern multi-apartment building with EV ready chargers in a covered (3G/4G accessible) carpark. As with any such building, gas meters are housed together and separate from the electric meters located near the flats. Each is equiped with NETTHINGS smart meter energy management systems.

While I should be able to plug in to the existing charger like an additional appliance you cannot accommodate its regulation as I understand it

Please clarify if I have misunderstood.

[The last thing I am going to do is "sign - up" on MyOVO not having a clue what I am signing up for. This is serious business not some social media / internet frivolous waffle.]

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@D600 it should be as simple as going to the offers & upgrades section of your online account and choosing it from there.

There's a little more info on the subject here:


The more I dig into this the more apparent it is that OVO has made some business decisions that will make for a slower roll-out.

They should have in their business model a service that includes those with EV ready chargers that could accommodate GPRS 3G/4G comm for optimal charging / V2G. They would then be able to leverage existing units rather than force in their charger and smart meters and sell more energy.

I don't have time to research the history in detail, but the national effort lacks real leadership.

I'll wait and see but am not hopeful as it looks like my new car selection will occur before they come up with a workable solution.
I'm current OVO customer in the process of having a Smart Charger fitted, and was somewhat surprised that they require an Ethernet connection to your internet. No wireless involved!!


Current website quote:
Can I choose EV Everywhere if I’m already an OVO customer?
Yes, in the near future we’ll be able to upgrade current OVO customers to EV Everywhere. We just need to make some behind-the-scenes changes first. As soon as it’s all sorted, we’ll be in touch to let everyone know.

Hi @Ed_OVO
Is it all sorted?

As a Green Elec and Gas customer can you provide a link to a page that outlines what I would need to do to add EV charging to my account.

I won't be buying an EV if this is not going to work smoothly. A two year bundle sounds like a carrot for new customers, which I am not - so that won't fit.

I would be eligible for an OLEV grant /free charger etc. Installation of your charger should be possible - we have electric charging points in a covered garage that could facilitate this and run on 3G/4G comms.

Looking forward to your clarification. Cheers
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Hi @D600,

Coincidentally, in the last few days, we've added the option to choose the free OVO Smart Charger option to existing customers! If you're interested, you just need to sign up through your online account.

Hi @Nancy_OVO & @Darran_OVO
Just catching up on progress from the various Topics and Customer posts on here.

As a fixed plan OVO Energy Customer, now in year two and with 100% Green electricity, I wanted to better understand possible timelines.

I see you installed your first Official Smart Charger 6 months ago and announced a relaunch of EV Everywhere for new customers just a month ago.

I had received a phone call from OVO enquiring about installing a Smart meter and that won't be possible because of the existing 2015 eON / SMETS1 and distance between Elec and Gas meters, so participating in the V2G project is a non starter.

When do you envisage launching a EV Smart Charger programme for existing customers, that they could review in making an informed decision?

My impression is leaving a decision until 2020 may be the best course of action. as you seem to have a lot of teething problems to work through.
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@Ajerthebadger - I'll DM you shortly with some more info!

And I'll certainly post an update on here when it's live!


Thanks @Hari_OVO. I’m sure I won’t be the only customer pleased to hear you’re making progress with this.

We’re obviously keen to get the ball rolling as soon as this becomes available. Will a communication come round to say when this goes live? Can we provide the necessary information in anticipation of go live?
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Hi @Ajerthebadger

It's likely that we will have a process available for you to upgrade to the EV Everywhere bundle and receive a free Smart Charger next week.

Once you're able to sign up, there's a couple of steps we need to go through in order to get you ready to have a charger installed. We will need to do a remote survey of your property to ensure a charger can definitely be installed, and we'll also need to gather some evidence to provide to OLEV to ensure you're eligible for the grant. We'll then be able to get an install date arranged with you based on your availability, and the availability of our engineers in your area.

Of course, we'll always aim to do this as quickly as possible but it may be a few weeks before we're ready to install.


@Nancy_OVO how close is “very close”? We have had our EV delivered today so looking to get a charger installed asap.
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Hi @Eyes0pen - I've DM'ed you!


Hi Folks,

I recently signed up to the EV Everywhere tariff and requested a Smart Charger as the perk. Can you let me know when I should be contacted about install and by whom?

Also, how do I get a smart meter so I can switch to Economy 7?