The EV Everywhere plan is relaunching!

  • 6 March 2019
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We’ve got some exciting news to announce and a new offer for any new EV customer signing up to OVO and fixing onto our EV tariff!

🚙 The EV Everywhere plan is relaunching! 🚙

With any new sign up, you’ll be able to choose either a free Smart Charger, or a POLAR Plus membership, giving you access to a network of charging points across the UK.

The new EV Everywhere plan also boasts 2 years of fixed rates, as well as 100% green energy and the option to work with Economy 7 meters.

The Smart Charger is perfect for charging at home. With smart features ready to go, you can support a zero-carbon energy grid thanks to Kaluza charging technology.

Alternatively the POLAR membership allows you to power up at thousands of UK charge points from the Cornish coast to the Scottish highlands. Ideal for charging on the go or if you can’t charge at home!

You can find out more information and sign up to this brilliant offer .

This bundle is currently for new customers only right now. We’re working on bringing something similar to existing customers - watch this space! 🤓

45 replies

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This is very exciting news! 😁 Personally I would go with the Smart charger 😎 But I will say the POLAR Plus membership has been very useful thank you!
Hi as an existing customer I don’t see an option for installation of the ev charging point only membership to polar, it doesn’t seem fair that existing customers don’t get the same offer as those that switch. Is this right of have I missed something?
Hi, I'm an existing customer who has just bought an EV car. My current plan is up on the 25/3 and I was looking to go onto the EV Everywhere plan.
BUT - the EV Everywhere plan doesn't allow existing customers to select a Smart Charger in place of Polar plus membership.

So I'm now looking around - unless this just a website mistake.......
BTW - just looked at the OVO Renewal for my plan and it says:

Benefits of staying with OVO
  • OVO Interest Reward on credit balances
  • Fair pricing - we don't offer better deals to new customers
  • At least 33% renewable electricity on all plans
  • Award-winning - uSwitch Energy Supplier of the Year 2015, 2016, 2017
Seems to me that OVO do offer better deals to new customers!!

Any comments from the OVO people??
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Hi @Dai - I've moved your post onto this topic about the EV Everywhere plan. As mentioned above, this is only available for new customers at the minute, but we will be making it available for everyone in the near future.
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I can understand your frustration. But the only problem I guess OVO would have is, they have effectively paid for your membership up front. If you wish to change this let's say mid-way through your agreement. It may cause OVO to be out of pocket. It is something I would be interested in having as I currently own a 7Kw Pod point charging point and would prefer to have OVO products in and out my home 😎
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Isn't EV Everywhere 100% Renewable Electricity? I am positive it is (This is what it says on my OVO energy profile) When it comes to things like this. It works the same as a phone contract. You get your shiny new phone with the best tariff available at the time and few months later your network provider might offer cheaper monthly cost and throw in headphones or wireless charger. My only assumption is this is how it works for energy suppliers too.
Yes, EV Anywhere is 100% `RenEngy, but my point was about out the new vs. existing customer promise!
As it is, they've lost me to Ecotricity as their charger deal is much better. I might come back sometime - I did rate OVO highly until this issue.

I'ts odd that they offer the Polar deal still (worth £188) , but don't allow you to exchange it for a Home Charger installation that new customers can do. (For which Ecotricity charges £125 )
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@antonyn @ITGeek123

I've moved your posts onto this topic, which is about the EV Everywhere tariff you were discussing.

Thanks Nancy, I suppose it's timing with me, as my plan runs out in 3 days and I can't wait until OVO adds a Charger option for existing customers "in the near future". as my EV car arrived today!

(I'm a Product Manager, so understand that when you make a decision for the core use-cases, you can lose a few customers on the edge due to conflicting requirements)
Hi @Dai - I've moved your post onto this topic about the EV Everywhere plan. As mentioned above, this is only available for new customers at the minute, but we will be making it available for everyone in the near future.

ok so that’s easy then, leave ovo and go to a different company there’s plenty of choice. Loyalty is a two way thing
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antonyn suggests that OVO may lose a "a few customers", I think this is a vast underestimate if they do not reverse some of their recent decisions. I would greatly appreciate an answer from OVO to my comment on the NEW SELF SERVICE topic. Almost all the recent "offers" either are not available or are detremental for existing customers but all anyone at OVO will say is that this is how it will work regardless of the high volume of complains and threats to leave. Customers like myself who live in Scotland are especially affected as most of the "offers" are not available but all customers are liable to suffer from the self service offer which I can only assume is being considered because a few customers are abusing the existing system. As I said on the other post it will adversly affect the good loyal customers who may occasionally ask for help which may be available but they do not know how to find it, but the abusers will easily find ways to cicumvent the restrictions and continue to cause problems. Surely this cannot be the effect which is wanted as it can only result in the loss of vast numbers of previously loyal customers. I would like to see OVO's thoughts on this but they do not seem to want to discuss the subject. I wonder why????
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Hi all,

Really sorry to hear of your frustrations. @antonyn - I'll DM you separately to see if there is anything we can do to help.

I'm keen to assure you that we haven't tried to deliberately disadvantage our existing customers with this offer. As mentioned above, we will be bringing this offer to our existing customers in the near future and are working as quickly as possible to achieve this.


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You say that OVO is not disadvantaging existing customers but:
EV Everywhere is only available to new customers

The FREE Smart Charger is not available in Scotland

The POLAR membership is of no use in Scotland since they have very few charge points and most of them are free to everyone.

The new Self service reward can only cost existing customers extra for the reasons I have laid out above.

I really want to continue to support OVO, but you are making this very difficult with poorly thought out schemes and lack of answers to complaints.

Well, Hari has managed to move me across as an existing customer with the Smart Charger deal. Well done!

But it took 2 days, with manual intervention from a Product Manager, so not really scalable - hence why they would prefer existing customers to wait until the website process is upgraded.
(Unless their current deal is about to expire - like mine was!!)

@JimTraynor I wonder if the Scotland issue, is that they don't have any installers covering enough of Scotland yet - even the Ecotricity deal is dependant on being within 75 miles of an Ecotricity installer - that excludes many areas of England and Wales as well!!
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@antonyn & @JimTraynor I just wanted to reach out here and support @Hari_OVO a little bit and help guide/explain what's going on.

With any new product there is always a period of bedding in. We do a lot of testing behind the scenes to ensure we have products that are ready for market but given the complexity of this tech, we have to roll out in a considered manner as you are never able to predict what will happen once you start installing more than a few units of something into real customers homes.

With both the Smart Charger and V2G charger, we've been on a huge learning journey and are excited about the developments in this tech and it's great to start sharing this tech with some of you.

There is a fair bit of infrastructure that sits behind these technologies, particularly where they link into national networks, such a polar or the grid, as every area of the country has different criteria and availability to adopt, hence why for the moment, Scotland is more of a challenge @JimTraynor , and something we absolutely are working on.

If we waited until every single area of the country was ready to support this tech and a growing network of EV's, it would take years for us to roll it out. However, rest assured we have a team of people working on this behind the scenes to ensure we can continue to expand these technologies across the UK.

With EV Everywhere and the free charger, the only complexity we have is getting existing customers, not currently on EV Everywhere, onto the new version of the tariff. Anyone currently on EV Everywhere will be able to renew onto the new version of the tariff. Again, something we are working on to ensure the work around that @Hari_OVO has had to do in this instance, becomes an automated process and readily available.

Can we learn from these roll outs, of course and this is where your feedback comes in to help shape this going forward.

We are confident this tech is game changing, but it doesn't all happen overnight due to a very complex industry!

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I understand that these new technologies can have unexpected complication. I spent a considerable part of my working life running an IT company which devised complex systems for individual companies.
I do feel however that you could give us more information about the problems you are facing.
You have a very large customer base and some of them may well be able to make suggestions which could speed things along.
I live in Scotland and would like to know what the problems are with V2G in Scotland. I know that the Scottish government are keen to push EVs, so it may be possible for Scottish people to persuade them to help with the problems in some way if we knew what they were.
With regards to EV Everwhere, I am very disappointed that you chose to offer 2 gifts which are of no use to the people of Scotland. Surely you could find some equivalent offering which would be of some use to all different areas of the UK. I'm sure that the people in England (especially London) will benefit greatly from POLAR membership, but it is virtually useless in Scotland.
I see the EV tariff isn’t yet available so can i have economy 7 or similar from OVO?
I’m an existing customer and was disappointed to see that the smart charger option with the EV Everywhere tariff is not available to existing customers yet.

EV is arriving soon and was curious to know whether OVO would offer a standalone smart charger install service?
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Hey @kggkgg and @Ajerthebadger,

I've moved your comments onto this topic where you can find more info about the new EV plan.

It's worth mentioning we're very close to making this available to existing customers looking to renew soon.

Hi Folks,

I recently signed up to the EV Everywhere tariff and requested a Smart Charger as the perk. Can you let me know when I should be contacted about install and by whom?

Also, how do I get a smart meter so I can switch to Economy 7?

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Hi @Eyes0pen - I've DM'ed you!


@Nancy_OVO how close is “very close”? We have had our EV delivered today so looking to get a charger installed asap.
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Hi @Ajerthebadger

It's likely that we will have a process available for you to upgrade to the EV Everywhere bundle and receive a free Smart Charger next week.

Once you're able to sign up, there's a couple of steps we need to go through in order to get you ready to have a charger installed. We will need to do a remote survey of your property to ensure a charger can definitely be installed, and we'll also need to gather some evidence to provide to OLEV to ensure you're eligible for the grant. We'll then be able to get an install date arranged with you based on your availability, and the availability of our engineers in your area.

Of course, we'll always aim to do this as quickly as possible but it may be a few weeks before we're ready to install.


Thanks @Hari_OVO. I’m sure I won’t be the only customer pleased to hear you’re making progress with this.

We’re obviously keen to get the ball rolling as soon as this becomes available. Will a communication come round to say when this goes live? Can we provide the necessary information in anticipation of go live?