Jaguar Land Rover announces electric car

  • 11 July 2019
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Jaguar Land Rover announces electric car
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Another model of EV will soon be available, as Jaguar Land Rover plan to release an electric version of the Jaguar XJ (which currently retails at around £60k).

This announcement comes after the company made a large number of redundancies in 2018. This new project will secure the jobs of 2,700 workers at the Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham.

Find out more about these plans here.

What do you guys think about this? Too pricey?

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2 replies

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Looks like a nice car, but definitely well out of my price range 😂

Good to see some job security being created for people as a result of this though!
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The EV revolution really needs the electric equivalent of the Ford Transit. Once we see local tradesmen going electric, it'll stop being perceived as a green toy for the wealthy.

Royal Mail announced last year that they were trialing electric delivery vans in London, manufactured by Oxfordshire-based, Arrival.