EVs can't go in the car wash (think 41% of Brits)

  • 5 July 2018
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A recent article from DriveEV has shed some light on a common misconception about EVs - they can't get wet! Yes apparently 41% of Britons weren't sure if an electric vehicle was safe in a car wash! They are by the way. They're fine in a car wash, or even in the rain!

Is this a bad sign for the British adoption of EVs?

4 replies

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It just baffles me when people think this haha. But who the hell takes their car to a car wash? It's all about cleaning the car yourself and enjoying the great achievement of it being clean.

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Haha I know right @Gum168!! Just mad!! 😉
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That's actually really funny. How on earth do people think we cope when it rains? Derh 😂😂😂
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Hi @Tim_OVO I saw this article!

I also read recently that EV's are really cheap to service as they are made up of component sealed parts (which links back to them being able to go through a car wash!). Therefore if something is broken, its doesn't get repaired, just swapped out.

Anyone had experience of getting their EV serviced and how that went etc?