EV’s are on the up!

  • 8 August 2019
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EV’s are on the up!
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In the Telegraph on Sunday there was a very positive article regarding EV’s, the piece talks about how EVs are financially savvy and help combat climate change.

The featured EV users are quoted “'I fill up my car's tank for just £4” compared to a small petrol car costing around £54 to fill. I can’t drive (saving the environment, obviously) so I got my info from here regarding the cost.

Our EV Everywhere bundle includes a free home charger or membership to one of the main charging networks. Our charger also allows drivers to “sell” excess energy back to the grid.

If you’re considering an EV, you can find all the info you need about our tariff here.

Have you felt the benefit of any savings yet @ITGeek123, @UC Bear, @PeterR1947, @Peetee?

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Benefit owning an EV is brilliant. People who slate about EV's and the range are normally the people who have never owned one 😉 my only grudge with EV's is the market for second hand ones have increased in price! This is disgusting! You wouldn't sell a 2 year old phone for the amount you paid for it brand new. Not impressed at the moment, it's disgusting and car dealerships need to stop that
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I've had the Leaf now for 15 months, I have spent £80.06 on Ecotricity chargers on Mororways and I have used an additional £901 kWh charging at home.

So £80.06 plus 901 kW @ 11.85 plus VAT =£192.17, mileage 10,500 miles works out at 1.83p per mile. I have to say even I am surprised at how low that rate is. However, I did a lot of free charging between May 2018 and December 2018 at Instavolt chgargers which were on free vend during this period.

Compared to a previous spend of about £80 per month on diesel, I think I've saved a few bob!