Elon Musk adds a new car to the Tesla line!

  • 21 March 2019
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Elon Musk adds a new car to the Tesla line!
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The Model Y Tesla was unveiled this month, with a retail price of £39,000, an uplift on the last Model 3, which started at around £35,000.

This model is the first in an attempt to make Tesla vehicles more accessible to the general public and take them into the mass-market. It’s a mid-sized sports utility vehicle, but will reportedly ‘ride like a sports car’.

The car will have a battery range of 200 to 300 miles per charge, and will be slightly bigger than the Model 3.

Tesla cars have come under some scrutiny over the last 12 months, after a fatality while using the self-driving software. Nevertheless an ever ambitious Musk joked that the new model may not even have a steering wheel.

Would you buy a Tesla if you could? Do you get more miles per charge from your current EV?

More information here.

2 replies

Last October, I had a few rides in a Model 3 owned by a friend in Chicago (it was his third EV, preceded by a Leaf, then a Model S). It is a brilliant car, but even at this "mass market" price, still well beyond affordability for me. Also, need the ability to tow a caravan, so considering a low milage second hand Mitsubishi PHEV (currently on the market at about £12k - £15k).
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Well they have finally done it! They have completed their S 3 X Y range haha. Tesla you sly ones! My heart is still with the Leaf and cannot wait to go back to the 40kw Leaf. Sorry Tesla, but you will eventually be the BMW, Audi and Mercedes drivers in the EV world.