Electric Vehicle sales surge in UK as fuel prices RISE!

  • 5 September 2018
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A very interesting article has been posted on the BBC website today. What are your thoughts in regards to this? I believe the future is bright for the UK with zero emissions and renewable energy! Especially with the help from energy suppliers such as OVO! :D


2 replies

This is great news! Its always satisfying when, as and 'early adopter' the trend goes where you hoped it would. However there is a real risk that the infrastructure is unable to keep up with growth.

I'm fortunate enough to off road parking and a charger at home, but do find it hard to charge efficitvely away from home. Those who are unable to charge at home may have issues unless the public (and work) charging networks grow at the same rate.

Also I feel that there needs to be more transparency in the battery health and replacement market. I've been looking at getting a second hand EV but am unable to determine what battery maintenance/replelacement costs might be. Until this is resolved the second hand electric car market will continue to be slow. (Btw i dont think renaults battery hire is the answer - it only adds cost to what is meant to be low cost motoring and tells the buyer that the manufacturer doesn't have confidence in their batteries!)

Finally insurance is stiil slow to catch up. With for experienced drivers this is not so much of an issue anymore, for under 25 drivers this is not the case. If we want young drivers to fully embrace the electric revolution an electric car needs to be as viable as a first car as a corsa or polo.

Is this just me or do others feel the same?
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Hi @Tim-i3

I am with your for the infrastructure but believe me it is getting better. But not fast enough as you say. Both of my EV's are second hand and before I purchased them I got Leafspy on my phone which then connects to the OBD port in the car which reads all the battery health etc. Luckily enough both cars were absolutely fine 🙂 I would recommend you look into getting this too.

As for Renault and battery hire. They haven't done that for at least a year now. I believe they are following Nissan route as they can see this is not the way forward as you say it just adds up in the end of owning the car.