Electric community car schemes in Wales!

  • 24 April 2019
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Electric community car schemes in Wales!
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Public transport in the UK can be a bit of a pain, especially in remote or rural areas. A community car scheme was started in Corwen in Wales last year with the aim of combating this issue, and it’s now added electric vehicles to the range of cars available for hire!

They have cars available in a central location which people can book and use if they want to get somewhere when buses, trains or taxis are not available or would cost too much. Supporters say they can make it easier for people in rural areas to get to job interviews, hospital appointments, or just to do the shopping.

Their new Nissan Leaf (called ‘Neli’) has been the subject of a publicity campaign at the minute. However, a lack of charging points across Wales as a whole could prove a problem for this new initiative, and as sales of electric vehicles continues to increase, more are needed urgently.

The Welsh Government have acknowledged demand for this will grow significantly and are investing £2m for additional electric charging points, with a focus on rapid chargers.

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Electric cars will be a great boon in future.