Amsterdam switches on Europe’s largest battery storage system!

  • 2 July 2018
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The Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam is now home to the EU’s largest battery storage system! It can store up to 2.8MWh of electricity, using 4,200 solar panels and batteries provided by Nissan.

What great news for the future of sustainable energy! They’re also building chargers in the arena’s car park so visitors will be able to charge their EVs using this system.

How long do we think it’ll be until the UK has a storage system of this size? It was announced in the news last year that Manchester City FC had signed a similar project with Nissan and Eaton...

You can find more information here.


1 reply

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It really frustrates me the UK is so behind on stuff such as this. Do not get me started on internet haha. But it appears European countries ex UK are actually making an effort with sustainable energy. Pick up the pace ENGLAND! Actually, Scotland seem to be doing a better job then England. So yeah, Hurry up ENGLAND!