Paid market research for owners of EVs or people considering one in the future - £60. This research is for Transport Focus, the consumer watchdog

  • 5 February 2021
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My name is Lynne Chapman and I am a market researcher  (and OVO customer). We have a project for owners and considerers of EVs and I am looking for people who might be interested in taking part. If you want to check out that I am bona fide, my website is at and I am also on Linked in. I am also a member of the Market Research Society.

Here are the details for the owners project:

We have a very interesting project for owners of all electric vehicles (EV). This being run by Transport Focus, the consumer watchdog for the transport industry.

Transport Focus is the consumer champion for most modes of transport in Britain - working with operators, regulators and others to get the best deals, policies, etc. for rail, bus, tram and road users.

TF would like to interview some current EV owners about their experiences of owning an EV. TF will be holding a virtual event for the electric vehicle sector in March, and clips from the video interviews may be used during this event, so anyone selected to participate must be willing to consent to being recorded and, potentially, snippets of footage being shown at the event (involving internal and external stakeholders).

The research consists of a 45 minute online interview some time between February 11th and 14th at all times of day

To apply please complete this form: Form to apply for EV owners project

If you also know anyone who is considering having an EV, either as their next car or at some stage in the future, please do pass this on. There is a separate form for them to apply: Form to apply for EV considerers

5 replies

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Hi @lynnechapman and thanks for posting here.

There are going to be a growing number of “events” on the subject of EVs during this year. You’ve said yours is in March, and here’s another one called EverythingEV at the end of April, and lasting a whopping 2 weeks!


The EV market feels like it’s the early days of the boom in double-glazing. There are vastly more sales companies and advisors than there are engineers actually working to develop the products!

An amazing array of cars, chargers and control technology is being laid out before us by people who have no idea whether there’s enough capacity in the National Grid to supply it all!

We are being promised a utopian future in which amazingly high quantities of renewable energy will be available 24/7 and drive us wherever we’d like to go.

EV charging will be so rapid that it will deliver enough energy into a car to power 400 homes for a day.

It seems that the laws of physics no longer apply. The salesmen have no idea how many substations will be required to deliver all this power to such a charger, nor the size of the expensive copper conductors required to carry it.

The financial arguments are perfectly sound… provided that you completely ignore the costs of the infrastructure and the massive storage mechanisms for all those cloudy days without wind.


TF will need to keep its feet firmly grounded.

The years of hard work to deliver efficient electric transportation and simultaneously combat Global Warming are still ahead of us.

The UK doesn’t even have enough engineers to deliver on the aspirations being discussed at virtual conferences this year.

How I wish the money and effort being put into selling our electric future to Local Authorities and Fleet transport operators, could instead be directed towards the innovators who are busy trying to actually make it happen.


Here on the Forum you will discover some of 400 customers with EVs on the V2G Trial. Those like @D10hul already know more about the reality of this technology than the sales-teams populating the virtual conferences of 2021.

Have you read about the experiences of @Jequinlan who has had both of his EV Chargers unavailable to use since before Christmas?

These guys aren’t the designers and they’re not getting paid for this Trial, but they are an extremely important part of the V2G Charger development.


You won’t be getting me in a video-clip, but I do wish you well for the Conference.

I just wanted to make sure you realise where the EV market currently is.

Many thanks for the information, that’s very helpful and I appreciarte you taking the time. Lynne

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Thanks @Transparent , I have just registered for @lynnechapman