Now a 2 EV household!

  • 9 September 2018
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Having purchased a used 24kw leaf in March and subsequently run up 11000 miles on it for sub £600, the time has come for the wifes car to be an ev too, a quick scout of ebay produced a perfect oportunity to buy a 1year old zoe for 6k, battery lease on top, but this not an issue as you can buy the battery out of the lease now. Surely the value of the zoes are going to rise. All I need now is a solar array, battery stotage and the v2g charger and life will be much more sustainable....

1 reply

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Welcome to the forum! This is fantastic news! Welcome to the EV side 😃 It's really fun over here where we have smugness on our faces while driving our cars. I have had my Nissan Leaf 24Kw for over a year now with my girlfriend having her Zoe for nearly a year too. We love our cars and couldn't imagine going back to ICE car. I am currently holding off for the 60kw Leaf and look forward to driving many more Zero emission miles! It would be fantastic if you could write a topic about why you changed over to EV and your experience owning one 🙂 Also, would be cool if you could add a profile picture :)

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