Do you have an EV + Solar panels? Then we want to hear from you!

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How likely you are to further reduce CO2 impact and saving money?

We are looking for people who have both solar panels and EV car to join our research at Kaluza. If you belong to this group or willing to do so, please fill in the form at the following link:

Kaluza belongs to the OVO Group and specialises in technical integration among devices.

If you have concerns or reasons why you are not interested in one or neither, feel free to comment here below.


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Completed the survey. I've got solar panels, Tesla PW2 battery and a 64kWh Hyundai Kona.
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I completed it too, solar panels and 40kWh Leaf.

@Absolute Zero interested to know what range you get from the Kona?
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At a couple of degrees below freezing, through freezing fog patches at 70mph where possible on mainly motorways it will do 200 miles. In the summer, on mainly single carriageway roads, not hammering it, about 270 miles. Those with a really featherlight foot in the summer could probably get 300. I'm getting about 5 miles per kWh to and from my allotment in a 30mph limit.
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Hi Giuseppe

Do you need me to complete the survey? Sorry, my father passed away last week, I've not been looking at emails, I'm very behind.

Kim (and Peter)
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@Gum168 So sorry to hear that Kim, and no worries at all. Hope you and your family are ok. We totally understand if we don't hear from you for a while.

@Giuseppe_OVO can you let Kim know if you'd like her to complete the survey when she is ready to? Not sure if there was a deadline or not.

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@Gum168 Truly sorry for your lost. You don't need to fill out the survey. Many thanks for asking.

Thank you very much all for participating. I'll get in touch with each of you and if anyone else hasn't filled out the survey or is not in our current research already, you are always welcome to join.

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Oh my goodness. We returned home yesterday to find a very lovely bunch of flowers on our doorstep with a sorry for your loss message, from the Ovo forum team.

That is so very kind of you. Its very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Back to work and real life this week, its been very sad and I'll miss my dad very much, but life goes on.

Thank you again, it's a really lovely gesture.

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You are more than welcome @Gum168. Glad they arrived ok. We just wanted you to know we were thinking of you.

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Thank you. It's really kind.
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Hi @Absolute Zero - I just filled in the survey too, having 4kWp solar panels and a Hyundai Ioniq BV. I am envious of you having a Kona, and hoping that some of the battery tech in the Kona can transfer to the Ioniq to increase the capacity from 28kWh. I am getting around 140 mile indicated range at this time of year, but dont like to leave it to much over 100. The Ioniq is low drag and I am regularly getting over 5miles/kWh - especially at this time of year, even using motorways at 70 mph.
I used to have a Leaf, and my change to the Ioniq coincided with the time OVO were announcing the V2G trial, but only for cars with the Chademo rapid charge connector, so the Ioniq doesn't qualify with its CCS connector. I am hoping that will change. I don't particularly want to go back to the less efficient Leaf.

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Hi @Absolute Zero - Hyundai Ioniq BV.

I think Hyundai missed a trick when they didn't shoehorn the 64kWh battery into the new Ioniq. That would have made it absolutely astonishing.
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Possibly daft question: Do you have to be an OVO customer to take part? If not, and if you would like, I can place a link to this thread on fb EV groups I'm on.