Did anyone else see OVO V2G mentioned on BBC Click?

  • 26 November 2020
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I've just watched BBC Click first broadcast on 21 November 2020. Did anyone else see it? I searched the forum and found no threads. 

The electric vehicle revolution 

They looked at the potential for lithium mining in Cornwall, a little about chargers, and a segment on the OVO V2G trial. They showed one happy chap and his experience of using his car battery to power his house and the grid. Typically for these programmes it skated over the details but good to see OVO being mentioned.


There was an interesting screen that was shown quickly with locations for the trial. Sadly a North South divide. Surprising considering that the Nissan Leaf is made in Sunderland in the North East. 

4 replies

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Hi @EverythingNeedsAUserName , nice to see you back on the forums. :)

I think there was some activity on Twitter about it recently, but I don’t use Twitter myself. The only traces I see are from the widget on the right of the forums.

I have heard that someone was featured on Click recently, as I think there might have been a few references on here somewhere. I keep watch over literally everything on these forums, so I’ll know if anyone talks about it. :)

The BBC is limited as to how much they can do any kind of advertising/promotional type content, so Click can only make passing references to OVO and Kaluza without getting in trouble. Still good to bring up this sort of thing though, especially if electric vehicles are slowly starting to take hold in the market.

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Good spot, @EverythingNeedsAUserName 


Yep I did ask the question on this topic: 



@D10hul also called it out on the V2G Facebook group, and mentioned that app visual of all of the chargers. 


I want to find out who this trialist Dave is…. if you’re out there Dave, pop in and say hey! :tea:



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@Tim_OVO  Ah. I'd searched for BBC Click (it isn't 'the') , or for V2G by date…

@Blastoise186 Click often has interviews with businesses that are pushing forward with technological changes. They spent a long time talking to UK Lithium on that programme, and had an interview with someone from Chargemaster. 

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Yup, it’s a pretty cool tech news show. I think one of the other reasons for not mentioning OVO much might have just been time related, since the segment was right near the end and I’m guessing that it was more focused on the tech than the company.

Indra wasn’t mentioned either, but I guess that’s because no-one would have known who Indra is.