DD increases AGAIN on the vehicle to grid (V2G) trial - can this be stopped?

  • 10 February 2020
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Just checked the app a moment ago and it’s telling me to increase my £120 direct debit to £204! 😂

I’ve been told that a marker has been placed on my account to prevent automatic increases and that I shouldn’t worry about the notifications, so I’ve just been ignoring them for about a year now.

It hasn’t been automatically increased at any point since then, despite showing me regular warnings.

So the fix for now seems to be to make sure that customer services are aware and put the same marker on your account too.

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I’ve not had a problem with it...though I pay more than I should anyway. Although after a problem with the account a couple of days ago where they continually told me I had over £700 in advanced, they reviewed it and I’m now only £299 in advanced and they recommend I up the payment from £128 a month (about £50 more than I need to pay) to £149 a month. At 5% interest I’m quite happy to pay it rather than the less than 1% I get in the building society...

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In all honesty, if you can afford it, just pay it, crazy ? Well they Pay 3-5%……. better than any savings account. more fool OVO it might spur them on to get it sorted 👍🤭

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Updated 26/01/2021

Thanks @Jequinlan @Leo Moran @aaronr  @D10hul  , appreciate this live feedback as always! :blush:


I have confirmed the Direct Debit check in mechanic still uses your usage projection to calculate costs, and an ideal payment amount to keep you out of a debt of over £50 by your contract end date. More info in this topic guide


As a result it does not factor in your credit balance being topped up with regular export payments. 


The current way to avoid unnecessary Direct Debit increases and credit (of which you’d get 3%+ interest), is to reach out to our Support team, who can put in place a 6 month freeze on these check in’s.