New article reports drop in EV sales - thoughts...?

  • 14 March 2018
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Here's an interesting article from The Times on falling EV sales.

Are high prices, a limited battery range or a lack of roadside charging points a cause for concern for the future of EVs?

5 replies

If my friends are typical, then it's purely down to range and recharge time. They can see that an EV will be perfectly adequate for their day-to-day use but they can't see a simple solution for their occasional long journeys. Having to plan their journeys, routes and breaks around the needs of the car is just more effort than it's worth - even if it's only a couple of times in a year. However, it's still a source of interest and they want to know about our experiences.

I don't think the industry has done itself any favours with a confusing mixture of charger types and with no real interworking between suppliers, but that only becomes obvious after you've bought one.
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I suspect the reduction in sales has a couple of parts.

1. People may be waiting for the latest registration letter.

2. Nissan stopped making the old Leaf to sell off stock and have just started ramping up production. I have been told that at present every fifth car off the Sunderland line is a Nissan Leaf.

150 miles of realistic everyday range is plenty for most people (me anyway) and I think Nissan have pitched the 40kWh Leaf about right for range and price when compared to other manufacturers' offerings.
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@Absolute Zero

You make some good points there 🙂

We saw this article which is kind of along the same lines!

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When you read that Nissan have taken orders for 35,000 2018 Leafs and if you order one now the waiting time might be until September, you wonder why, are order levels really down???
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I really find this hard to believe. Like @PeterR1947mentioned, Nissan have a huge back log on cars to build, as well as tesla with their Model 3. I think EV's sales are booming! People should not be put off by the mileage. If you check my article I wrote, I talk about range and charging.