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  • 6 February 2018
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More and more people are looking to make the switch to an EV or Hybrid, and with manufacturers making strong commitments to the production of more EV’s, it’s important to know what you are getting into. So you probably have questions like which is the best car for your needs, how does the charging side of things work, what options are there…..there’s lots to consider.

Well we can’t promise to have all the answers, but we have quite a few EV owners on our forum that we are convinced will! So check out the topics already started on this, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, get stuck in and ask your own question.

6 replies

I have a phev and am considering upgrading to the EV everywhere tariff from my current (sorry about the pun) one. This one ends in May and there is a £30 penalty for changing from this tariff before the end - for both electric and gas - i.e. £60. Does that penalty apply if I upgrade to EV everywhere?
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I don't remember being charged a penalty for upgrading to EV Everywhere.
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@imageh Yes @VeggiePete is spot on - no exit fees for upgrading your tariff to EV Everywhere!

Just about to get an EV and and have a 7kw charger installed. Would I be better off with economy 7 or the EV tariff?
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@geoffenator @Paul @andyfras @Snaxmuppet any of you guys able to help @Spaceprobe out with this one?
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It depends on your usage. It wouldn't suit us as we are home all day, so use most of our electricity at what would be a higher rate if we were on E7. We charge the car once or twice per week, preferably when the sun shines in order to make best use of our solar PV.

If you have a lengthy commute each day and would need to charge the car every night, E7 would probably be your best option.