Kaluza ‘Ask me Anything’ (AMA) is live - get your questions in quick!

  • 30 July 2020
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Kaluza ‘Ask me Anything’ (AMA) is live - get your questions in quick!
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2 weeks to ask your Kaluza questions to our experts…


I’m happy to announce our first ‘Ask me Anything’ (AMA) event, where we arrange for experts within and without OVO Group to answer your questions, posted here on our online community!


To mark the very first edition, we’ve lined up two experts who head up teams operating on Kaluza’s ‘Flex’ platform.





Fionn and his OVO Smart Home Team - 


Hi, I’m Fionn, the Electric Vehicles Product Manager for OVO. We are the voice of EV drivers within OVO, owning the EV Everywhere tariff as well as the Vehicle to Grid trial. We are also working on some really exciting new products, to be released soon. I’m looking forward to reading your questions and getting an insight into what your life with an EV is like.


In my spare time I love to cycle, read (latest recommendation “Shoe Dog”), play squash and travel. I’ve always been super interested in vehicle development and spent the first years of my career developing hybrids for Jaguar Land Rover. 



Josh and the Kaluza Flex platform -


Hi, I’m Josh, the Product Manager for the Customer Interfaces team in Flex, affectionately known as Vox Populi, the Voice of the People. We look after the design and development of the companion web apps for OVO’s Smart and ChargedEV’s Smart+ chargers. I’m excited to read your questions and find out about your experience using our service so far.


Outside of work my three young children keep me fairly busy and when I do find a bit of time for myself I enjoy cooking, cycling, tabletop roleplaying games and reading/watching anything sci-fi (just a bit of a geek!). During lockdown I built a smart charger for my MacBook using AppleScript and If This Then That (



Ask me Anything rules:



  • Post your question below as a comment, and please make an effort to keep it specific but concise: we don’t want War and Peace... 

  • We’re not limiting the number of questions per user but please be considerate of others - we have limited time with our experts!  

  • You have until the 14th August to get your questions posted. After that, we’ll review your questions and answer as many as we can. 

  • We will then aim to get a new topic posted for each question being answered by the 1st September. Please be advised that we’re not promising to answer every question asked, but our experts will do their best to answer those that relate to their area, as long as it’s something they’re happy to exist online and open to the public. 

  • Make the most of this opportunity: specific support questions are best directed to our trained support teams. This is your chance to ask about higher level strategy, future plans and how we’re going about delivering Plan Zero.



So that’s it, what are you waiting for? Post your questions below before it’s too late!



3 replies

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And that’s a wrap…


Today we posted the last couple of answers, moving the last few comments out of this thread to form a Q&A of its own.  


I’d like to say a big thank you to our experts, Josh and Fionn, for their time, energy and effort in answering your questions. Some of them were just a little bit tricky!


Also a big thank you to everyone that participated in this event! We’ve generated 16 Q&A topic threads, which can now remain online and available to help and inform others. They’re listed below for your reference. 


As this has worked well in generating interesting, technical content, I’m keen to do more! Please could you let me know what other areas you’d like to see us cover in the next ‘Ask me anything’ event? 




Multiple questions posted by @ArundaleP:



@Transparent asked:



@sylm_2000 asked:


Another one from @Transparent:



@tony1tf asked:



@jp1 asked:



@leaf trials posted:



A third one from @Transparent:



@Sam72 posted this question and it turned into a big thread:



@philsquared asked:



Back to back from @philsquared:



@TeaTimeSoon wins the prize for generating the longest reply from Josh with this:



@Stephen Bell posted:



@duncanmelling asked:



A fourth and final question from @Transparent:



And last but not least, another one from @duncanmelling:



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We are now closing this topic to further comments


Thank you to everyone that has participated in this event. We have lots of questions here, and a good range of query types, from specific feature requests/queries to overarching strategy and scalability. Looking forward to seeing what our product managers have to say!


What next?


I will now be looking over each and every comment, grouping them together to form individual threads, and working with our experts to get replies to as many as possible. 


In the coming weeks, I’ll be moving your comments over to new Question topics, allowing a space for this query to exist on its own, and for our expert answers to be easily visible. I’ll post a link to these new topics in this comment, and tag the member (s) who asked.   


Once that’s done, we’ll look at the feedback and responses from participants, and judge the appetite for another AMA event like this. So get thinking about what experts in what areas of the business you’d want to put your questions to!


Thanks again, and I’ll see you on another topic!

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Hi everyone,


It’s day 1 of this AMA event, and so far we’ve had some great questions posted to our Kaluza product managers - thanks for your comments!


I’m liking the specific V2G feedback and questions, and especially the posts about time of use tariffs and about the Flex platform strategy more generally. It really is a fascinating platform. Just look at the new partnership announced with Eni gas e luce


I’m looking forward to seeing the answers provided (disclaimer: not all questions will be answered), and we’ll be making each Q&A into its own topic for future reference. So keep them coming in!


Do we have any smart charger members with some questions?


Any EV owners out there without a V2G or smart charger that wanted to check in on their options moving forwards... @ITGeek123