It hurts to say Goodbye my old friend - selling my EV for a ICE petrol car

  • 26 February 2019
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I never thought this day would come. *Deep breath* Unfortunately, Harley (24kw Nissan Leaf) will be leaving me shortly as change of job I will require to drive to a few more customer sites and unfortunately, the company did not appreciate I would need to stop to charge my car meaning it would take me longer to get to a customer site. So the idea was to unfortunately sell Harley and purchase a *big sigh* ICE car........

You might be asking "Why didn't you look around for an EV with bigger range" Oh, believe me, I did. Unfortunately they are all out of my budget at the moment.Until they drop down in price, I unfortunately, had to purchase a dirty ICE car. I looked at hybrids but couldn't stand the noise the engine made when getting up to national speed limit. It sounded like a learner driver forgetting to change gear. Toyota really need to change this. The cars are disgusting to drive.

I still needed a car which was practical for food shopping and eventually to fit baby seat and loads of other things. One really good thing about the leaf was it had outstanding space inside. Please say hello to my current car until the Nissan Leaf e-plus comes down in price 😭

I have not named her, I am thinking something dirty to go along with the dirty ICE. Any suggestions for names would be great. She is a 1.0 eco boost Renault Captur Petrol.

I must say it feels strange having to change gears again and worst of all, put petrol in a car. I have been so used to getting home, plugging my car in and not having to worry about anything. Now, I have to line up waiting at the fuel pumps. Hopefully this isn't for long and the long range EV's drop down in price soon!

You have served me well Harley and I will miss you 😭

You can see Harley in a topic I posted last year.

6 replies

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@ITGeek123 I wish there was a big "dislike" button for this post, actually gutted for you and I know @Hari_OVO will be too as we were all hoping you'd eventually be able to upgrade the Leaf!

But I guess at this point in the journey to making EV's viable for everyone, this are the kind of decisions we are still forced to make.

I guess the takeaway here is that at least us talking about these challenges is supporting the need for the industry, car manufacturers and the government to provide more support and development in the network to make the cars and supporting networks more practical day to day so that many more people are able to become part of the EV revolution.

On the flip side, great news and congrats on the new job!! And as you say after a bit of time with the new "ice" vehicle, hopefully EV's will have taken another leap forward and you'll be able to return to owning one.

I've asked @tterb to give us a write up in "Owning an EV" on his new Nissan Leaf once he takes delivery, as that will help keep us all up to date with the innovation from previous versions.

So the floor is open for name options for the ICE car, I'm guessing.........

Here's my suggestion: Vapeur (the French for fumes.....) Any other suggestions, @Brummiejon @PeterR1947 @EVMatt @Kat Leaf @falklandkid @UC Bear @Gum168 ??

Keep us posted on how you are getting on with the new car.

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Hi @Darran_OVO

Thank you for your reply. I agree with the big dislike button, maybe just a big hug instead. I have been in the car and told Harley it's not her, it's me.

It's not all bad I guess. The "ICE" 🤢 car has a small engine and only £20 a year tax. so Emissions are not too bad. But too much for my liking. Like you say, hopefully the cars will come down in price soon enough for me to get back in one. When I went to my local Kia dealership, they have a very big back order on the Kia Stonic EV. So people are buying them which is fantastic news!

I look forward to @tterb Topic when his Nissan Leaf arrives. I hope he went for the Nissan Leaf plus!

I like your car name @Darran_OVO But I was hoping for something a bit more dirty. 😂
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Oh no! Such a shame @ITGeek123 but also very understandable.

On the plus side, I do expect prices to fall as more and more EV models arrive on the scene.

I'd be really interested to hear more on your experiences having switched from EV to ICE - both the good (if there are any) and the bad!
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How about Pal Louie (or just Louie for short) from the French pollué meaning polluted?

I could sell you my 40KWh when the 60KWh version is released which isn't too far away or won't that give you enough mileage? I've just had a winter of 100 miles range but with the warer weather it's creeping back up to 150!

@Darran_OVO @Hari_OVO @tterb
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I would be very interested. Depending how much as they are selling for £24k! Way out my budget.
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Haha, best I could do, especially as we need to keep things fairly "clean" here, family show and all that....!!

But yes great news on the back orders at Kia, I've definitely started to see more and more EV's on the road so there is progress. Just need the networks to keep up and also manufacturers to improve range and charging speeds!

Good news that emissions are pretty low, however!

*passes virtual hug*