Why has my Direct Debit amount changed?

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Dear sir why have you increased my direct debit from £90 to 99.39 per month when in one of the information boxes you are asking me to decrease the amount to £82 very strange.

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Hi @100115703 and Welcome to the Forum.

Did you realise you’ve just posted your message to an open public Forum? We are ordinary members of the public here, not OVO Customer Services. I understand what you’re getting at, but none of us here have access to your account details so we can’t answer the question.

Can I suggest that you email hello@ovoenergy.com directly?

If you’d like your comment above taken off the open Forum, then you tag a Moderator by writing their name with the @ symbol in front, like this @Eva_OVO, and they will oblige!

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What you have questioned is not “Very strange” to me. Last year had raised similar questions because at times I was given three different amounts at the same time. One on the bill, one on the home web page and one on the usage page. If you have the inclination see the many previous pages in this forum: if not wait until you get the final dreaded email and then complain.

Grandfather Maxwell