Why am I being forced to change my Direct Debit?

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Hey @Jclure - I've moved your post over here where customers have been talking about similar changes to their payments. Check out my comment above yours for some suggestions why your Direct Debit might have been changed.
My current monthly direct debit is £123, but OVO are forcing me to change it to £228 from next month. I have told them that we use a lot of energy in the winter, and very little in the summer, so it would be easier for my finances to pay the same amount over the course of the year.
My direct debits last year looked like this:
Jan: £80
Feb: £80
March: £200
April: £200
May: £237
June: £237
July: £237
Aug: £237
Sept: £237
Oct: £115
Nov: £123
Dec: £123
Total: £2106
Why can't I pay £175 per month rather than have to follow some algorithm? Why does it force me to pay so much then drop me right down?
Just logged in as my plan is due to expire, and Ovo has decided we should up our DDR from £75 p/m to over £600!! I don't know if my smart meter is a bit off, but it's saying we we've used over £900 worth of gas and electric in December... I know it's been cold, but not that bad! Most we spend a day is £3 if the heatings been on
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Hi @REBECCAC @hilldjuk - I've moved your post onto this thread where you should be able to find plenty of information about Direct Debit reviews. Let us know if you have any further questions once you've had a read through.
I switched to OVO last September, so our yearly contract runs through Winter before ending after the summer months. This means we hit the expensive time of the year first, so understandably we are behind in our usage versus payment ratio at this time of year, with the cheaper months still to come. OVO have suggested that I increase my direct debit by £58 a month to cover this. I have not done so because our consumption is running very closely to expected usage and if the direct debit is left as it is, our contract is on plan to balance at the end of its full 12 months.. So I have not changed my direct debit as prompted, but OVO have today told me that they are going to do this anyway on a unilateral basis!

The problem is, we are an all electric house with electric heating and solar panels, so our seasonal variation is much greater than most other users. In winter months we generate less solar and use much more power for heating. In the summer months we use very little electricity at all, in sharp contrast to winter because we are not heating the house, and the solar generation is much greater.

I do not want, or need to increase my direct debit another £58 a month, it is excessive and based on wholly inaccurate assumptions. How can I get OVO to recognise this and avoid messing about with our direct debit unnecessarily?
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Hi @Cornwall - you'd need to call the team directly to explain your unique circumstances and the team will be able to make a note on your account. You can call us on 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

I get the reminders to change my direct debit but can I refuse? I have zero outstanding and happy to clear if and when I do so what is the issue? Surely this mandatory change should only be allowed if someone has a past history of allowing a debt to build?
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Take a look at the best answer, @aliali, this should help answer your question. 🙂