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Where's my final refund?

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This seems to be a common occurrence when leaving OVO for a new supplier,I left on the 1st October to change suppliers in which I was told 6 weeks was the time frame for the transfer over here I am now 12 weeks down the line after being fobbed off on numerous occasions saying we are still waiting on the final electric reading but in meantime we will be issuing with a partial refund 1st time 12 days and then 7 still no refund! I rang new energy company they had already sent them the readings to my surprise in November! In the meantime I have also been charged with 2 monthly bills on top of my new suppliers bill ! Seems to me you hold onto people’s credit to gather interest of customers money if it isn’t sorted in the 3-5 days from yesterday off I goes to ofgem to properly complain  I’ve had enough of being fobbed off and lied to 😡😡😡😡

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I’m sorry to hear that this is an ongoing issue, @Kev73, I’ve moved your post here, the thread may hold some handy info for you. 

Please feel free to cancel your Direct Debit, we will still be able to issue your final refund, but it will ensure no further payment is take whilst your account is still live. 

I hope this is resolved soon. 

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Those are understandable comments @Kev73. But may I please clarify the actual process.

Your New Supplier sends the meter reference number(s) and readings to ECOES (electricity) and Xoserve (gas) because these are the relevant National Meter Databases.

It is they who send a set of Notifications to the Old Supplier (OVO in this case).

Any failure in the system can be addressed by following the Complaints Procedure of the New Supplier because that’s where you now have a legal contract.

If they cannot resolve it within 8 weeks, they must issue a Deadlock Letter, and you can refer the matter to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

You don’t take it to Ofgem because they’re the industry regulator, and you’re a consumer.

The Ombudsman can investigate and take action against any of the parties involved, including failings by ECOES or Xoserve. It’s important to remember that there are at least four parties involved, not just two.

Where is my money?!

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I think you’ll need to give us a bit more information than that @mario1mario1 .

You’ve previously posted to the Forum solely concerning the recovery of the outstanding credit balance you had with Economy Energy (now in Administration),

Are you still referring to that refund?

Or is your latest message related to you switching away from OVO?