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Where's my final refund?

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Hi @Sarahinolney - Sorry to hear of this hassle. Let's see if I can help. I have first-hand experience of Complaints Processes and taking matters to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman


The most important fact we need to know is whether OVO
have issued you with a Final Bill. This will be marked as such.

Without the Final Bill you can't get a refund from a previous Energy Supplier

And the Final Bill itself only gets created once the previous Supplier
receives the required notifications from the National Database for electricity meters (ECOES

) and gas meters (Xoserve


Answer that question first, and then we can track down where the log-jam is.

No offence, but where are OVO!? They are the ones that know what they’ve received! I’ve spoken to my new provider and they confirm they have provided all the info necessary.
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Good point @Sarahinolney ... but this is a Forum set up by OVO to allow us customers to share information and help each other. So that's what I'm trying to do.

If you don't yet have a Final Bill, then you can contact OVO's Customer Services directly to enquire when you might expect one.

Switched 8 Aug, still no credit refund of over £100. My new supplier advised they provided you with my meter readings since I've been trying to sort this prior to 2nd Sept. More than the 4-6 weeks now. 


Can someone explain the 7 day refund to your bank account to me....makes no sense !!

I have been with OVO for 2 years and have been very happy with their service, until now. I have moved on to a new supplier 1/10/19 and received the final statement for Gas promptly. 

I am still waiting for my final statement for electricity even though both final meter readings were supplied by me and verified and supplied by new supplier at the same time. There is a large credit on my account and a direct debit taken since leaving but no final statement or return of my final credit balance  which will cover the charge leaving a substantial amount owed to me. I have had the usual 4-6week standard email but no detailed explanation of the delay, my only guess is OVO would like to retain my money for longer hence not sorting both accounts at the same time. I  may now reflect on whether I return to OVO at a future date.

I’m in similar situation, I have had a gas final statement but not an electric final statement hence OVO is holding a large credit on my account until they complete the electric statement even though Meter readings were sent and verified over 4 weeks ago for both supplies. It may be time to get Ofgem involved with a formal complaint.

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It’s not unusual for the statements to come separately,@John W. The electric statement will be with you within the 4-6 week time frame, a refund will be processed 7 days later.


Have you received your final statement, @Lmoffat? If you have,  your refund will be processed 7 days later. 


If you haven’t received the statement and it’s been longer than 4-6 weeks, we’ll need to look into this. Send us a message on Facebook/Twitter with your name, DoB and account number. If you don’t use social media email the team on

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Hi @John W. I doubt that such a delay is due to OVO. The switch is initiated solely by the Receiving Supplier.

The process of the switch is handled by [color=#2040C0]ECOES[/color] (electricity) and [color=#906050]Xoserve[/color] (gas), as these are the National Meter Database Companies. Timescales are laid down by [color=#6060b0]Ofgem[/color]. The process includes essential checks to ensure (for example) that the switch really has been requested by you, rather than a fraudster.

The one party who has little influence over the timing is the Relinquishing Supplier.

Hi I have confirmation verified from my new supplier for both supplies and both meter readings on the same date, the Gas final statement was verified and raised by OVO on this supplied date which is why I have questioned why if the readings were sent and verified on the same date why both statements should not be sent if not together, at least a couple of days apart not six weeks. Does a significant amount of credit on the account indicate the reason for a delay in producing both final statements? The final statement for Gas was under £15 and I estimate the Electric would be similar amount, so it’s frustrating and something for other members with large credits sitting on their accounts to reduce down the balance before thinking of changing to a new supplier if delays by OVO are common practice in our high tech era.

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I can follow your thinking @John W. However there are many more checks being made by the National Meter Database organisations apart from the meter readings themselves. It isn’t uncommon to find anomalies in reference numbers, post-codes, date of last safety-check etc.

Also please don’t underestimate the vigilance needed to avoid fraud, either by a resident or an unknown 3rd party. For obvious reasons I’m not going to explain here how such frauds work(!), but I’ve had personal experience of this on two separate occasions.

I can assure you that the few days of delay at this stage are highly preferable to the time, cost and anxiety of trying to resolve the situation once the fraud has taken effect.

The amount by which your account is in credit/debit has no bearing on this whatsoever. OVO are following Ofgem guidelines, and will only issue a Final Bill once they receive the correct Notification from ECOES.

 I appreciate your feedback and share your concerns with regard to fraud but It is the time scale that is frustrating between statements, I have been with various Energy suppliers in the past and final statements for both supplies were at the same time this included British Gas, Scottish power, EDF. EON, I’m sure the  guidelines from Ofgem don’t say leave it to the last possible minute then raise your final statements separately.

 The Gas statement was raised almost immediately OVO received the final meter reading, its a domestic supply as is the Electric that has been in situ for the last 40 years, any  fraud checks were completed pretty quick in this instance. I have raised the issue with OVO direct and will follow up accordingly.

Hi, I Left OVO on the 16/09 and have had my final statements for both gas and electric, this left me with a credit balance on my account which I assumed would be refunded to me. I’ve now just logged in and my account no longer shows a credit balance just £0.00. There is no mention of if I have been sent a refund or what has happened to this balance. How do I check this has been sent to me?

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Hi @Michael1979. If your payments were usually taken by Direct Debit, then the balance would have been returned to that same bank account automatically.

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Hello @Michael1979


I have also just left OVO, my credit balance in MyOVO went to £0.00 overnight  but is not in my bank account yet. I assume this is because a BACS transfer takes up to 3 working days to reach the account.


If its not arrived early next week I will contact OVO to chase.




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A few outstanding final refunds here, what’s the latest, @John W @Michael1979 @Phil_H ? 


You should not be waiting more then 6 weeks from the switch date, to get this. Anything short of that and I’m afraid to say it’s an industry time frame whilst all sorts of data (most importantly the official readings to be used) and checked and approved, by a third party. This happens separately for gas and electricity.


If you’re seeing a £0 balance, after the bill, as Transparent said (nice one btw) it will be because the credit has been sent to the registered bank account. Hopefully showing up by now?!

I've still not received any refund as yet and left on the 16th September, in turn I don't actually know the final value of the refund as all reference to it has been removed from my account.

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My final refund reached my bank account today. The process for me was straightforward, after sending meter readings through to my new provider,  I switched on 11th October, got my final electricity bill on 23rd October and my final gas bill on 29th October, with my refund reaching my bank account on the 4th November. Total time from leaving to refund was just over 3 weeks.

@Michael1979the value of the refund due should be shown as a balance on your last final bill.

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Please reach out to our team on Facebook, Twitter or give them a call, @Michael1979, you can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 303 5063. They’ll be able to check the progress of the refund due. 

Glad to hear things ran smoothly, @Phil_H!


From a lot of searching on this forum it seems like OVO are a company to leave as soon as possible!  I will be.