What do I do if Economy Energy still owes me money?

  • 22 January 2019
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Hey @terrie - I've moved your post onto here where you can find more info on this.
Iwould like to know if I'm your customer or still Economy Energy's customer
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Hey @ChrisAM - I've moved your post onto this topic where you can find more up to date information. If you were a customer of Economy Energy on 12/1/2019, you'll have been moved over to OVO Energy when they collapsed. If you had moved away from Economy before this date, you'll still be with your chosen supplier.

What should I do to make a contract with you, to not staying anymore with prepaid card?
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There are so many imponderables in that question @ChrisAM that I don't think we can answer it on the Forum.

Apart from the team of six moderators, we're all ordinary members of the public. The content here isn't seen by OVO's Customer Services Dept.

Moving from Pay-As-You-Go to being a Credit Customer will be based on such things as whether you're a tenant or whether you own the premises where the meters are. And it means knowing your payment history. Those just aren't matters which can be discussed on an open Forum.

I suggest you email and ask. Give them the usual range of information such as
  • address
  • the name they have as the "customer" on their records
  • customer/account number (if you know it)
  • when you joined Economy Energy
  • annual usage for gas/electricity in kWh or £ or both
That gives them a fighting chance of assessing if and how they might be able to move you across.
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What should I do to make a contract with you, to not staying anymore with prepaid card?

Hi @ChrisAM,

If you have a prepayment meter, then please head over to our PAYG forum here.

I used to be an Economy energy customer and switched from them to another supplier in October 2018 and I am due a refund as my account was in credit at the final payment.

I think this is taking quite a long time now as it is almost the end of April 2019.

I don't know how to contact OVO Energy because I haven't got an account with them.

Is there someone in Ovo who could let me know when I should expect the refund please?

I am happy to provide necessary details, do let me know what number to call or team within Ovo is handling these type of requests.
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Hi @efim88 - I've moved your post over here where you can find more information about Economy Energy refunds 🤓
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I'm pleased to see that the flood of posts from ex-EE customers to this Topic and others on the Forum seems to have dried up. I'm assuming this means that most customers have now been refunded what EE owed them when it entered Administration.

Has anyone else noticed that BBC Watchdog tomorrow night (Weds 29th May) contains an item about customers losing out when energy firms collapse?
Well I haven't, Left on the 2nd December, revived 2 bills on the 3rd May, was told that I will get my £420 refund in 5 days, contacted again as i didn't hear anything now being told the below

Please wait until you have received your final bills for both gas and electricity and if a credit balance is shown contact us again to request a refund. Economy Energy's Administrators have started to issue final bills, although this process may take a couple of months to complete The last update we heard was the end of June. They will be in touch with you when yours is ready and explain the process for you to obtain a refund if a credit balance is shown.

If you would like to contact the administrators their email is Please see EE website for the full statement regarding What have the administrators been doing since their appointment (Not alot its now almost 7 months since i left)
I was a customer of Economy Energy but switched before their collapse. To date I have not received a final bill which I know was in credit. All I am told is it will take time and can get no answer as to when I can expect a refund. I am at a loss as to what to do next.
Any suggestions would be appreciated
Hi, I was transferred from Ee to ovo and my ovo account is all set up. But I have not had any of my credit ballance transferred and no final bill from ee.

Every time I ask ovo what is an acceptable time to wait for this to happen I just get told I have to wait. Its now the 6th month since we were told about this. My ovo bill is in debt due to my payments going to ee up toll march and no one can help.

I am on the transfered tariff which seems to be really expensive and I don't want to commit to ovo toll I know where all my money is and my actual ballance.
I am in exactly the same position. Its now June and no final bill or credit from ee. I am left in debt on ovo as my payment till march went to ee.

I don't think waiting from Jan to June is acceptable but every time I ask obo fkr help or advice they just say wait. I don't want to commit to ovo till my ee credit is returned and I am finding ovo expensive but can't leave till I get the ee credit sorted.
Where is my cash from Economy Energy? I left in Oct 18 but they still took payments until May 2019!
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Hey @Tofolo and @Lindawythe,

I've moved your comments onto this thread. Unfortunately we're waiting on Economy Energy's administrators to provide us with all the information we need to create your bill. Until they do this, we can't move forward. They're hoping to have all the info passed on but the end of June at the latest, so this shouldn't be too much longer.

Hope this helps!
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Here are some important updates from the last few weeks:
  • We are now able to refund Economy Energy customer who left the company before they went bust and were taken over by OVO. If this applies to you, you'll need to get in touch with the team (phone, email, Facebook or Twitter) and confirm your bank account sort code, and the last 4 digits of your account number so that we can send the refund via bank transfer. Alternatively we can send a cheque to your current address. In some instances where the refund amount has not been confirmed by Economy, we may ask you to provide a copy of your final bill.
  • As of last week, we have started billing customers who were still on supply with Economy when they went bust, and have been transferred over to OVO as a live customer. The billing will be done in batches over the next couple of weeks and you'll receive an email notification once your first bill has been created.
  • We've also started taking over Economy Direct Debits. Any payments you've made to them since January will be transferred to your account with us. You'll receive an email or letter confirming when your Direct Debit has been successfully moved to OVO, which will also confirm the amount (should be the same as with Economy), and the date (which may be different due to different dates available with OVO). Once you've received this, if you check your online banking and you can see a live Direct Debit with OVO, you're free to cancel the inactive one with Economy. If you can't see the OVO one in there yet, we'd advise against cancelling your old one so there's no risk of us losing your bank details in the transfer process.
It's important to mention as well that if you haven't received a welcome email from us or can't log in to our website, that Economy may have sent over an invalid email address. Please get in touch with the team on Facebook to double check we've got the right one.

Hope these updates have helped! Comment any further questions below.

Hi @Geoff Postlethwaite,

I've moved your post over here. Check out the information I provided earlier in the thread - this should answer your query ☝🏼

Thanks for the reply OVO staff. I guess what we are saying is there are still a lot of us waiting for an update and our credit ballance and the thread is not drying up yet.
Economy Energy have sent me a statement to say I am in Credit on my final statement and states that any refund will be handled by my new account holders OVO . when will I recieve my refunded money
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I've moved your query here, @John R.

If you've received your final statements, please send them to our Customer Care team so they can add them to your account. The email address you need is

As soon as EE's administrators have verified the credit amount, we'll arrange to refund this. If you're still on supply with OVO the credit will be added to your account. The administrators are hoping to have this sorted by the end of June.

I got transferred from Economy Energy last year. After 4 months I got 2 large bills. 1 for electricity and one for gas. I have never paid that much to other providers. After 11 months my economy energy credit ballance eventually transferred over and for the 1st time I was in credit. 

I immediately moved as I could not as my account had been in debt since the 1st massive bills. I refuse to pay back while I has a credit coming from ee. 


Today my switch completed and they give me a massive gas bill covering April till November??? I have not changed to a smart meter. I gave over 20 readings in that period and I paid direct debit monthly. 


Every experience I have with ovo is dreadful. From 11 months to get my account credited, to bill shock at the start and the end of the contract, failed to bill me monthly even with meter readings and now I get this horrible Christmas gift from OVO. 


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Hi @Tofolo,

I’ve moved your post onto this thread where you’ve previously been discussing your Economy Energy transfer.

It’s a shame to hear your experience of OVO has been disappointing. The process of taking over another supplier is a huge undertaking, and not without difficulties, it’s unfortunate that you’ve experienced this. 

We can’t access your account via the Forum, so for any queries regarding the bill, it’d be best to contact the team on 0330 303 5063 or send us a message on Facebook with your account number, full name and DoB and we can look into this for you.


hi @Nancy_OVO i dont think this is an Economy Energy comment so would rather it was not moved here. I was just giving a bit of background to what is a dreadful run of events. The point is, OVO billed me for Gas once in April, then not again till i left in November and just dump me with a large bill shock. They got over 20 gas readings and the same for electricity. 

OVO billed me every month for Elec and just 2 times in a year for Gas. That’s nothing to do with EE, That’s an OVO billing issue.

I would rather it was moved into a general billing / complaints thread rather than hidden in the forum in a very old EE thread.