I don't agree with new suggested Direct Debit.

  • 18 June 2019
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My bank account was hacked on the 5th May (the bank still don't know how!) and when I was at last able to access it, I was shocked to see that I'd paid OVO £176 on the 15th May. Shortly afterwards, I went on line and asked for a reduction along with a refund.

On the 11th June OVO refunded £45 and reduced the monthly payment to £125.

Last night I had an email saying I should increase this to £92 - I'm paying £125!!!

Should I simply ignore the latest email?

1 reply

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Hey @TaffyOutlane,

Sorry to hear about the hacking it's happened to me a few times, most annoying.

I've edited the title of your topic just to make it easier for other users to find.

If the letter was dated before, or even up to a few days after you changed your Direct Debit, please ignore the letter. If it isn't it may be worthwhile contacting our team.

The quickest way would be by popping us a message on Facebook.

Hope this helps ☺