How do I get a refund from OVO when my account is in credit?

  • 17 March 2017
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All well & good but as an online customer I lose my reward if I send an email.........
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I'm going to leap in here before @Amy_OVO does...

A. You can't lose the SSR for contacting OVO about a matter which isn't possible to resolve online.

B. You can't lose the SSR for filing a complaint because that would breach Ofgem's regulations.
I used to be able to do this through the website. It was quick and easy.

Now I have to send an email and "apply" to get my money back?

Pardon me? How is this better?

I wish I'd known you were degrading your customer experience like this before locking myself in for another 2 years.

Apparently now I'm supposed to negotiate for a refund using super-insecure emails?

That can't be right, surely?
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We haven't removed the feature, @harpingon, if you don't have the option to process a refund on your MyOVO account please get in touch with our team.

I've popped your post here, this answer pretty much covers your question:

"Hi Shepshed,

Thanks for sharing this experience with us, but it’s a shame that it’s not more of a positive one! As other users may need help getting a refund, I’ve added some tags and changed the title to make this topic easier to find.

When dealing with a customers money, we need to get it right first time. For this reason, we make sure the account balance is accurate (by generating a statement) and we check that everything’s good before sending it to the bank. When this is done, your bank also needs a bit of time to process things as well. All of this quickly adds up, so it can take a maximum of 5-7 working days. This is done via a BACS refund. Our OVO Answers page covers this refund process in a bit more detail.

Did it get sorted in the end?


You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on, or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 303 5063.

I hope this helps!
For me, that feature is gone. So, removed.

If you want to try and word dance around why it not being present means it's somehow not removed then ... I don't know what to say.
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May I please clarify @harpingon ?

The option to "Apply for a refund" has not been removed as a feature across all customer accounts. It is present on your My OVO Payments page if the algorithms in the Billing Software are confident that the Monthly Direct Debits will more than satisfy the forecast for energy usage during that year's contract.

For technical reasons I haven't had a correct meter reading or monthly statement since February (6 months). However, the "Apply for a refund" button is present on my Payments page should I decide to use it.

If that button isn't automatically offered on your Payments page, then it means that a human operator is required to assess the balance available for refund. There are several reasons why this can occur, some of which are there to protect the customer.

I'm sure that Customer Services can resolve this when you make contact as suggested by @Amy_OVO .
Okay. Well, I phoned up, putting whatever "don't phone us" bonus at risk, and they deigned to give me back some of my £740. The phone operators explanation was that I was on the "new" system, and that refunds weren't working properly for these accounts.

We'll see what happens with the rest of my credit balance when Octopus take over my supply next month, but I'm expecting a long hard slog.

You're not the company you were, and it shows.
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Hey @harpingon,

It can take up to 6 weeks from your switching date, before we send the final statements and close your account. This is because your new supplier is getting the official change over readings checked and approved. Once you have received your final statements any subsequent email is automatically issued.

I hope this helps!
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Erm, @Amy_OVO, I don't think @harpingon has said that they are switching.

I understood the question to be about obtaining a refund of an excess of balance which they no longer wish to leave with OVO. Am I wrong?
@Transparent I've had many trouble free refunds in the past, encouraged by the credit rearward to maintain a high overpayment.

This time though, not smooth, misinformation at every stage. Poor communication, decreasing customer satisfaction and increasing prices mean I am switching away, yes.

I will still have a large credit balance at switch time, due to ovo insisting on hanging on to over £300 of my balance.

Remains to be seen how much hassle I'll get at the end.
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Ah... OK, thanks for clarifying.

So if I understand this right, you are now to receive a refund from the £740 you are in credit, so long as £300 is retained in your account.

The maths concerning the switch to Octopus shouldn't come into play until OVO receive the Notifications via the National Meter Databases (ECOES & Xoserve) that Octopus has made a request to take over your meters.

Until that time, this should be treated as a straightforward request to lower your balance; and it now appears that this is indeed what is happening.
I have been asked to supply bank statement before OVO will make a refund. Has anyone else been asked to do this? I have already supplied 'photos of meters. OVO know my bank from where they take direct debit.
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I've moved your post over here, @Skooby. I've never come across an account where we've asked someone to provide a bank statement before.

There may be a reason the team have asked you to do this, we'll need to check this to see what's going on. Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter or email the team on for more information.
Hi Thanks for this. However, I have now spoken to OVO's Brent on the 'phone this am, and he says he has now authorised the repayment of my refund. I expect to receive it within the next fortnight.
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Great to hear, @Skooby, thanks for keeping us updated. 😊
HI, Do you think I should claim compenstion from OVO for loss of interest as someone has recommended? OVO's website said they paid interest on any ( my italics) credit balance, so thinking this meant what it said I sent them 5K. But actually the amount on which they pay interest is capped at £1000, so you get nothing on the balance of £4000, which OVO simply try to keep. This cap is stated in the small print, but is not stated on the website or app, except by reference to "subject to condtions", itself in small print.


**edited by mod**

I have been trying to request a refund but can’t because the website says “We must have had an update from your meter and issued a statement within the last 2 weeks”.

  1. My Smart Meter has not communicated with OVO since last July and I have been entering my own readings each month. I have been waiting many months for them to get the meter fixed.
  2. OVO haven’t issued a statement since 15th October 2019

How do I get out of this loophole!!

OVO have several hundreds of pounds of my money and I want it back!!


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I’ve popped you post here, @PhilipJ451 and removed your personal info. Please reach out to the team, they’ll be able to take a look into this. 

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on You can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


Hi @Amy_OVO 

thank you, I thought this was the only way to contact OVO but after posting I found the and sent an email.

I have now been contacted and sorted out why I wasn’t getting monthly statements




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Glad to hear it @PhilipJ451 !