FAQs for Direct Debits

  • 7 November 2018
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My contract is ‘fixed’, so why has my Direct Debit amount changed?

The tariff rates quoted on our website (and a customer’s welcome letter) are fixed. This is the price per kWh. What is subject to change is the Direct Debit amount. We'll set the initial amount based on the usage information given during the sign up process - if this is set too high or too low compared to their actual usage, we'll change it accordingly. This applies to all our Pay monthly customers.

I’m leaving OVO/ moving out, so why have you taken another Direct Debit?

While a Direct Debit automatically stays in place until an account is completely closed, you’re completely welcome to cancel your Direct Debit at your bank any time after switching away. (Don’t worry, we’ll still be able to refund you once we’ve got your final bill).

Just to bear in mind, if you have both gas and electricity with us, your final bill might arrive as 2 separate statements. So you’ll get your refund around 2 weeks after you’ve received both.

Why can I only change my Direct Debit to the suggested amount on My OVO?

We keep an eye on what your Direct Debit should be to take you to the end of your contract with a £0 balance. It usually won’t allow you to enter a lower figure on My OVO then the suggested Direct Debit amount- to avoid you creeping into a debit balance. If you’d rather be paying a lower Direct Debit, then you can make a top up payment online.

Do I need a Direct Debit to get the Self Service Reward ?

If you pay your Direct Debit on time and at least the recommended amount (or more) each month then you’ll receive the Self Service Reward. If your Direct Debit payment failed, or your Direct Debit was not covering your usage (and we had suggested to increase to it) then you wouldn’t receive it for that quarter.

Why have you reviewed my Direct Debit?

We regularly review Direct Debits to ensure everyone is paying what they need to. We want customers to have a £0 balance at the end of their contract. More info here: https://www.ovoenergy.com/help/direct-debit-review

How do you calculate my Direct Debit?

When you comes on supply with us, we’ll use your annual usage figures to calculate how much your energy will cost over the year. Once we’ve got the annual amount, we’ll divide this into 12 - this will give us the Direct Debit amount.

If you haven’t got your annual usage figures, we’ll use the national averages. You would then need to send us regular readings for at least 3 months, then we’ll manually calculated the annual figure.

What should I do if my Direct Debit isn’t covering my usage?

You can up the payment amount or make a one off payment on My OVO’s My Payments. Here it has a recommended amount, which will update once the one off payment has cleared and is in the account.

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@Mw2870 as requested, here's the FAQ for Direct Debits (see we do listen to you )! 😳