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Without having access to your account, @Martin90, it’s difficult for me to advise fully as to why you’re receiving these final reminders and to look into how your complaint has been handled. 

We take complaints seriously, it sounds like the process has been followed and escalated correctly, unfortunately due to the complaint relating to Economy Energy the likelihood is that we can’t offer a resolution until the issue is resolved. 

Please reach out to our team, they’d be happy to check this over. 


I have just realised that apparently all my complaints are ‘closed’ if I do not reply to OVO’s reply to my complaint within 24 hours!  

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Hi @Martin90,

If you’ve escalated a complaint to the Complaints team, then it’ll stay open until such a point as we’ve reached a resolution with you. 


That’s not what I am being told via email.   

This is how it goes… I make a complaint… chase complaint a month later… get told I can make a complaint… tell them already done so, and raise it again.... ignored… remind ovo of complaint…. get told I can raise a complaint…. tell them already done so…………...etc etc etc. 

I think OVO are just making it up as they go along!


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Hi @Martin90 - if you’ve made a formal complaint then the Complaints team will get in touch with you within 5 working days. I don’t think this has been done in this case.

Please send us a message on Facebook with your account number, full name and DoB and we can look into this for you.

After spending hours trying to get a coherent reply, the last email I received from OVO was on Tuesday telling me that my complaint has been escalated.  Today I have now received a threatening ‘Notice of Intended Action’ letter dated Wednesday from OVO.   I am beyond angry.

No-one seems to read the correspondence - I have even sent bank statements to show I haven’t missed any payments, and proof that Economy Energy owe me over £1000! 

I am also now being told to chase EE for refund myself, after months of OVO telling me it was being sorted out.  

I am NOT giving OVO any of my social media information. 

I am now being harassed by OVO for money I do not owe, and no missed monthly agreed payments.

This is so stressful… Can anyone help me???????



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Hi @Martin90 

I’m sorry to hear about the stress this is causing. Unfortunately via the Forum we don’t have access to your account details, so we can’t look into this.

You’d need to either call or email (0330 303 5063/, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your OVO account number, full name and DoB.


Hi @kjf,

Great to hear you've finally got your refund - we know it's been a bumpy road!

Normally, refunds wouldn't take this long at all. If you're a current OVO customer and your account is up to date with meter readings, we can send you a refund of any excess credit in your account in a few days. The reason it's taken so long in this instance, is due to Economy Energy collapsing, and us taking over. We had to wait for Economy's administrators to produce final bills for all customers before we could process any refunds, which isn't part of the normal refund process.

Hope this helps!





I am also Economy Energy customer collapsed recently. I have been waiting for final refund for over 1.5 years. An amount of over £900 is due to me. My account number with Economy Energy was: *Removed by mod*


I have sent several emails and called OVO but no positive response. Waiting for your response!


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Sorry to hear you haven't had a positive response, @MAA.


If you’ve received your final statement from Economy Energy or their administrators (Grant Thornton), send this in an email to us so we can raise this with the team - the address you need In your email, you’ll need to confirm your EE account number, name and full address. 


If you haven’t received your final statement from them, there's not a lot we can do here until you’ve received this. You’ll need to contact Grant Thornton and chase this up with them. Here’s there details: 0333 103 0104 or