Who wants to come and check out our Bristol HQ? (We even have a Treehouse!)

Who wants to come and check out our Bristol HQ? (We even have a Treehouse!)
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I'm interested, what's the deal?

We are busy planning another VIP day for our forum users, so this is your chance to come see us in person and get to experience OVO from the inside.

We have an action packed day planned. We’ve secured time from some of our key Product teams, ready to share with you our vision and products and more importantly get feedback direct from you guys on what we can do better or what new ideas you have to make OVO even better!!

Sounds great, when is it?

Provisional dates we are looking at are Monday 17th June or Friday 21st June. We will be starting around 10am, and aim to have you flying down the slide (yes, its attached to the Treehouse….!) and out the door by 4pm, having had a brilliant day and feeling even more connected to the OVO Community.

I want to come, how do I sign up?

If you would like to join us, we’d love to meet you. Simply comment below with the date you would be able to come and see us (we’ll even throw in lunch)...! We’ll be in touch to confirm the date and all the details of the day once we have final numbers.

I'm worried I'll miss out....

Spaces are limited, so get commenting asap to register your interest.

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Closing this topics now as the VIP has happened!!

Check out how it went here and some of the feedback we received on the day here. :)

Keep an eye on the forum for details of the next one. 👁