Which FAQ would you like to see next??

  • 26 November 2018
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We'd love to know what you'd like to know more about, so we can get writing an FAQ and give you all the info you need to help answer other users' queries. Here are some ideas, but feel free to suggest more!

What FAQ would you like next?

4 replies

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@Transparent @ITGeek123 @Mw2870 @Bumblebee @PeterR1947
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I need to know more about PAYG and keys. I have no idea what these keys are and why some new OVO customers seem unable to "top up"...

I understand that many customers on PAYG are vulnerable, possibly on PSR and may be experiencing energy poverty. So I'd really like to be able to respond quickly to them. Life is difficult enough without suddenly losing gas and electricity over a cold weekend.

... and who awarded me a badge for PAYG?
Is that @Tim_OVO having a laugh?!

I heard from @Eva_OVO that she used to work in the PAYG section of Customer Services. Can she do a brain-dump in our direction please?
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Hey @Transparent There is a good reason @Nancy_OVO didn't include PAYG here. That's because we shouldn't be handling any PAYG questions on the OVO Forum.

If you spot one, you should simply direct them to https://forum.boostpower.co.uk/

We have a couple of superusers over there already doing a great job replying and helping Boost customers.

We've actually hidden the PAYG section now since the relaunch, as we need to get Boost PAYG customers onto the Boost Forum.


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Ok... so can I have another go at the quiz, please? 😉

At this time of year, I think some info on Warm Home Discount would be more useful.

... and I still don't understand how I got that PAYG Badge!