What kind of community user are you?

  • 4 August 2020
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What kind of community user are you?
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I have just found this OVO Community (which I didn’t know even existed 8hrs ago!) 

I have been an OVOcustomer for quite a while now, am on the V2G trial and have applied for the heat trial. 


As a type of person I am keen on Green, money saving and as an IT Director also keen on new tech (I have 19 Alexa devices in my house now) so have been an early adopter for years. I now have a long range Leaf and have been trialling how close I can get without range anxiety. I am keen on the environment and the possible and am a user of public charge points (hence the excellent EV Everywhere tariff) 


I just wondered if I was typical of the community or was on the “geek” end...

8 replies

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Welcome to the OVO forum @Jequinlan and what a great idea for a topic!


It’s great to hear about your interest in keeping things green and I’ve noticed you’ve joined our V2G experience. Looking forward to hearing about your journey, and I hope the anxiety subsides!


I wouldn't say you were typical of this community, as we’ve got a massive range of individuals on this forum with varying points of interest, although, who doesn't love a geek?


@Transparent @ITGeek123 @EverythingNeedsAUserName, I know for a fact are technology and/or EV enthusiasts, and there are lots of topics here from other users about the same areas. It does seem like technology, and how it can be used for energy usage reduction and efficiency is probably this communities niece - good to have you join the ranks! 


P.s You ever though of getting one more Alexa device to round things up? Only having an odd number of Alexa’s in your home just gives me anxiety! :sweat_smile:



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Welcome to the forum 🙂

We are a lovely bunch here! I have been here for 2 years now. We are very alike by the looks of it! I am a cybersecurity engineer, Instead of Alexa it's Google homes/hubs/nests through my house, hive thermostats and a few other things without giving you details what else is in my possession 😂 


I am a Nissan leaf driver myself and have signed up to the heat trial too! 🤘 Here's to us hoping we get in. 

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Awesome @ITGeek123 ! I am a data architect and GDPR consultant as specialty so we play in the same arena! I also have google on a few devices and am fully kitted out with enabled smartplugs and Hue systems for energy saving.

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Love the post, nice to meet you @Jequinlan and welcome to our little community!


We’re a mixed bag of users. A lot of OVO members and non OVO members visit to find an answer they need. We’re now offering a large and well rounded range of electric vehicle topics so we do attract lots of EV owners from Google. 


Some, like our top volunteer @ITGeek123 have been around for ages, and have even visited our Bristol HQ office, like for our VIP day where we had smart meter presentations, EV charger Q&As and such. Although I wasn’t able to attend the VIP visit last summer and neither were you ITGeek - is that correct? We had planned another this summer, but as you can imagine, this has been postponed. 


You’re both Zero Carbon Heating Trial applicants, and I’m very much rooting for you to take part. I will be bugging you for in depth and informative content if we do visit to fit the latest in electric heating. You have been warned :nerd:


Speaking of informative and helpful content, @Jequinlan if you ever wanted to post about your Alexa device deployment (it sounds extensive and therefore probably very insightful to hear about), get something posted. See ITGeek’s Living with Hive smart thermostat tutorial content for an example. Nearly 3500 people have seen this topic, and he doesn’t even remember posting it :joy:  Gotta love Google traffic!


Anyway, I’m off to look at your other post on V2G energy saving, see you on the flip side! 

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Thanks @Tim_OVO , 


Yes, I may do one about the Combination of devices I use to try to keep the house both secure, but also low energy. the Thermostat post was great, so thanks to @ITGeek123 for that.


If I get selected for the Trail of Heating I absolutely would post Install Photos, blog about usage and experience of the difference it has made!

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As I write this I notice that @Jequinlan currently tops the points leader-board. That’s pretty impressive for your first week on the Forum!

I’m a self-builder, refurbishing and extending the 1930’s Devon farmhouse in which we live. I have installed a number of energy-saving features, learning the skills as I progress. This means I also have a good overview of the Building Regulations and some of the innovative new materials and construction methods which are available.

My longer-term background has been within electronics and IT. I worked with microcomputers from before the development of the floppy disc drive, and I’ve designed software for direct sale to end-users. I’ve understood the user-interface from long before it became a job-title!

I prefer my home control systems to be free of tax to the likes of Google and Amazon. :money_mouth:

Instead of pre-built Hive and Alexa style devices, I’m increasingly using embedded controllers based on various iterations of Arduino and ATtiny chips, designing my own electronics to link sensors and output controls.

As a member of my local Transition Towns group, I’ve been technically involved with the OpenLV Project, which has been monitoring “Smart” substations in the SW Region. That work has opened up excellent relationships with my DNO, Western Power Distribution, and links with their Network Innovations Dept.

Western Power have now extended the OpenLV project for community groups and taken over the funding from Ofgem. They are generally ahead of other DNOs in meeting targets and innovative strategies.

This has given me a valuable glimpse of the UK’s energy delivery systems beyond our Smart Meters. I can see the direction we’re heading in and the opportunities we now have to take part in a renewable-energy revolution over the next decade.

The mix of people and skill-sets on this Forum is interesting. I would like to see OVO/Kaluza choosing more of the technically-astute Members here to be the bedrock of the Trials they are conducting. The quality of the feedback is more important than how optimal is the chosen test-site!


I think we we need to let go of the old concept whereby OVO is just a company from whom we buy gas and electricity. Instead we should see ourselves as partners, pushing forward the development of energy-related technology for the greater benefit of society.

This Forum has to be the GoTo site for other people to understand how to make better use of renewable energy.

We also need more Discussion Topics which OVO Managers might read as they would an “Employee Suggestion Box”.

The reason this Forum can achieve that has little to do with where @Jequinlan sees himself on the geek-scale. Our strength is that we are a wild mix of customers from different backgrounds.

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Thanks @Transparent and a very interesting read! I am heading to devon as it happens next week for my holiday so we will actually be geographically near! I am impressed very much with this forum and indeed agree, OVO isnt seen to me as my supplier but ideally a partner, learning and improving hand in hand. 


We can make the world greener, more energy efficient and friendly all together.


I have to admit i have no idea of a points leaderboard but hey, sounds fun.

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If you’re travelling this far west @Jequinlan, remember to adjust your watch… about 50 years back should do it! :wink:

And you’ll find the Points Leader-board on the right of the home-page for the Forum.