How do you group the actions you might take when managing your energy utility?

  • 7 September 2018
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I’m really interested to understand what actions you take when managing your energy utility and how you group these actions.

To help us understand how people think about these actions we’re looking to you to complete a card sorting exercise.

In this exercise there are 52 actions (cards), I’m really interested to see how you sort them into groups that are meaningful to you.

The exercise will take approximately 10 mins

Card sorting link -

The results from this will help us improve our terminology

Thank you in advance to taking part.

Comment below to let me know how you found the exercise and if there were any actions missing.

4 replies

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Interesting, not sure if I shouldn't have made a few more categories
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Interesting exercise. Some time spent on deciding whether to have more groupings (almost micro-sorting) or have broader categories - with the potential for sub-groups within those broader categories.
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Hmm. I got mystified when a card said "Download xyz". I tend to check these things online, but not actually download them.

I wanted cards saying :
  • Upgrade to Smart Meter
  • Install Home Storage Battery
  • Install EV Charger
  • Read meter manually
  • Look at an IHD
  • Call out an electrician
  • Call out a heating engineer
  • Service my boiler
  • Check safety and functionality of my electrics
  • Install PV solar panels
  • Install other renewable energy generation
  • Install or add insulation
  • Check for energy-saving grants
  • Keep abreast of domestic energy technology
  • Obtain advice on energy saving measures
  • Replace old inefficient energy device

And as soon as I hit "Reply" I'll probably think of a few more!
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I didn't think I could download my energy usage data. Well not officially anyway! So is this card something for a wishlist? Didn't spot anything else that you couldn't do now.