Green Energy - Are you a Better, 2 year fixed or Simpler Pay Monthly Customer?

  • 13 December 2017
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Updated on 19/08/20: Please be advised that we no longer offer the green add ons separately to OVO Beyond. Check out this topic for a guide on how to add OVO Beyond via your online account


We'd love to hear more of your views on the environment and green energy. Please see the recruitment criteria below to see if you qualify to take part. We are looking for the following:

Recruitment Criteria:
Customers who are NOT on the greener tariff, so you would be a customer on either Better, 2 Year Fixed, or Simpler tariffs.

What do we need from you?:
To help us understand the way that the environment and climate change fit into your daily lives and mental models, if at all.

We’ll be posing a new discussion topic every day over a period of 10 days, and we'd appreciate you completing the full set of questions. You will need to make sure you log in and share your views.

To take part, for now please comment below with your name and confirm that you meet the criteria above. We will then post the first question tomorrow to kick of the research.

We hope you enjoy being involved and look forward to hearing your views and opinions.


26 replies

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@Momus, @Mumillion, @ClareB, @mjsmjs123, @Olliesgrandad, @Derek F, @Rich W, @edgton13, @christo skelton, @KevinS, @LibLob63, @phil.owl, @Horace Pricklepants, @BasingstokeBaz, @Takks04, @Hadfield87, @corn8eef, @KarlT2016, @TAJA55, @Yorky, @Johnmd50, @Solothelab, @dickbill, @Mw2870, @Pete, @sam_cat

Please review the criteria above. We'd love you to help us out and get involved in this piece of research. Your opinions really matter to us!

Comment below to confirm you are happy to help us out and take part. Please confirm that you also meet the above criteria.

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Happy to help Darran
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Great thanks @ash4711, hoping to get a few more people involved on this one, so we will aim to post the first question tomorrow!

Make sure you hit subscribe on my first post to ensure you get all the updates to this thread when we post new questions etc.

Happy to help
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Sorry, but I am not interested in signing in every day to answer a question. Give me all ten in 1 go.

My views are pretty straight forward though: more nuclear, more research into molten salt reactors, more biomass generation, shift subsidies from solar and wind to tidal and hydro generation. And get some storage tech going for local generation plants.
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I'm happy to take part
I will take part if you want
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Hi @davidR, @ash4711, @JohnKir1, @didge05, @AndyB

Thanks for agreeing to take part in this piece of research. I'm going to post the first questions up today, I will tag you in them so you know its been posted.

I'm aiming for 2 at a time, so we can give you time to answer each one.

@AndyB - Appreciate you would rather have all the questions in one go, hopefully you will still be up for helping out, if not, totally understand and thanks for your feedback above.

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Question 1:
In your opinion, what – if any – are the biggest issues facing our environment? Have you had any personal experiences of these issues?

Question 2:
Do you do things that are ‘environmentally friendly’? What kind of things? What do you feel like has the most impact?

@ash4711, @JohnKir1, @AndyB, @didge05, @davidR

Please comment below with your answers clearly marked as Q1 and Q2.

The next 2 questions will be posted tomorrow.


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1. Too many people on the planet - that's the single biggest issue facing us, and is the underlying cause of all the other issues. We never had a problem burning coal in the 18th century for example, because there were so (relatively) few people we didn't burn much. Today, we're struggling to fulfil the massive demand, that's only going to get much much worse.

2. I do. I think recycling has the biggest impact overall. I think we should do more about this, like making products that are easier to recycle.
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1. Totally agree that there are too many people on the planet and our natural resources are running out. The Scandinavian countries have their energy supplies sorted, so why can't we? Perhaps we should make more use of the water we are surrounded by plus more solar power.

2. I recycle as much as possible, but although every little bit helps, we need to be on the case of pollution of the seas with all that plastic debris that is getting into fish and killing life in the sea which will become catastrophic.
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Climate change is a serious issue. I've seen species of birds in the UK that were rare visitors now established as breeding residents. That's just a small example of one impact.

The already mentioned growing population also poses a threat as we do only have limited resources available.


At home we recycle as much as possible and try to reduce food waste to a minumum.

We have installed a solar panel installation so that we now generate our own power for a portion of the time.

I will pick up litter on the beach when walking the dogs and put this in a bin.

In terms of impact, I'm not sure that recycling helps as much as it should as we often do not see what happens to the material we recycle. Producing 'green' energy probably has a bigger impact.
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Question 3:
To what extent, and in what ways do you think society’s green practices have changed or adapted over the years? What do you think has caused these changes?

Question 4:
Wind turbines: a blot on the countryside or a sign of progress? What do you think?

@ash4711, @AndyB, @JohnKir1, @didge05, @davidR
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3. Society's green practices are quite diverse - a few years back I was planning to have a small house built, but the hoops you had to jump through to ensure "greenness" and needless to say it was twice the price, so I couldn't afford it in the end. A lot of new green ideas are bandied about and they do sound good, but thinking about them is usually as far as it gets. Solar panels have become popular, but they would be even more so if someone came up with a better design than a lump of an eyesore on the roof. If new "green" ideas are implemented they should be affordable, but sadly they seldom are.

4. Yes I think wind turbines in the countryside are a blot on the landscape.
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It all depends what you class as green practices!
The areas that come to mind are recycling and energy efficiency (both in terms of electrical goods and house buiding). These seem to me to be government led in the main. In recycling it is still down to the person whether they buy into taking the time to sort their rubbish out. Electrical goods now have an energy rating but there is nothing to say do not make items with ratings no lower than 'C'. With house building it's often lip service paid to the regulations. Anything like a solar installation is reducing the builders profit margin so you see new build houses with a roof that could hold 8 panels with only 2 installed. In this area there really needs to be a better approach starting from planning to build.

Probably both. In some locations wind turbines do ruin the landscape, in others that I have seen they don't. They are a sign of progress in renewables although there are other options now that would have less impact.
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Hi all, thank you for all your answers and comments so far. We will now take a short break over the Christmas period and pick up the remaining questions again in the New Year.

Have a great festive period, enjoy!!

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Green practices... I'm not entirely sure we've made much progress at all. Obviously we have more renewable energy generation than before, but when I was a kid we had bottle banks and even deposit schemes for bottles too.

Wind turbines - I rather like them. Sure they can be totally inappropriate, such as the solitary turbine slap in the middle of Stroud valley, looks so out of place its scandalous. But then the one above Green Park in Reading is a wonder as you drive past it on the M4. Maybe we need fewer subsidies for farmers and more for industrial estates to put them up.
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Happy New Year to you all!

Here are your next questions.

Question 5:
OVO Foundation: what do you think about it? Do you donate to it? Did it play a part in why you chose OVO? Do you support other causes?

Question 6:
Would you consider moving to 100% renewable energy? Why or why not? If price weren’t an issue would you still feel the same?

@ash4711, @AndyB, @JohnKir1, @didge05, @davidR

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5. I'm not sure if I do. I did come here from Woodland trust that OVO ran, so something like that played a part.

6. How can anyone guarantee 100% renewable energy on still dark nights? We don't have the ability to provide energy from 100% renewable sources 24/7. Nuclear is fine (and I believe is now counted as renewable) but I think that needs to be pointed out to any consumer of "100% renewable".

Hopefully we'll get some large-scale tidal plants and storage and then it'll be different.
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5. I think I may have joined OVO before the Foundation was introduced. I don't think it would have influenced me anyway.
6. It wouldn't be practical or possible to move to 100% renewable energy. Another pipe dream really, as it just doesn't seem possible to implement the idea however good it is. I feel that the government is half hearted about renewables and we should all have been taking this a lot more seriously years ago. It could be a bit late now.
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5. I just went and googled the OVO foundation, which says it all really.

6 I might consider a move to a 100% renewable plan, however the costs (last time I checked) was higher and put me off. Having solar panels I have an interest in battery storage which is still too expensive to be economically viable as things stand. The OVO solar store is a good idea, just a shame that the battery size on that is so small.
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This is your last question on this topic. Thanks to all of you for taking part, we really appreciate your support and your comments.

Question 7:
If you were offered 100% renewable energy, which of the following best describes what you thought that means? Why?

- You are playing an active role in fighting carbon emissions, and making our air cleaner for all.
- For every unit of electricity you use, we make sure a unit from a renewable source is produced and put on the grid.

@AndyB, @ash4711, @JohnKir1, @didge05, @davidR


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7. the latter - 100% renewable meant I was using energy from only renewable sources. I would go so far as to say that think it meant no units of fossil fuel was used even if a unit of renewables was produced to cover it.

I do think the 100% renewable needs a bit of work to it, its misleading to some extent if it wasn't sourced entirely from renewable generation - which, as we know, is impossible unless you count nuclear as renewable. And even then, a plan that was 100% "carbon neutral" or "carbon free" would be a better description.
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7. For me it's a bit of both. As things stand we can not be sure whether the electicity we are using off the grid has been generated by green energy or non green.

The only way to be sure is to your own microgeneration that covers all your needs, which is some years off.
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Big thank you to you all for taking part in this. We will now take some time to review all your comments may come back to you for any additional questions or clarification.

We really appreciate you taking the time to get involved. Please look out for future research topics, our customers are super important to us so getting direct feedback from you all is really key to helping us continue to improve!!

Thanks to @ash4711, @AndyB, @JohnKir1, @didge05, @davidR 😃