Feedback needed - should we change our Refer a Friend scheme?

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We're looking to test new incentives via our Refer a Friend scheme.

We currently provide a choice of £25 vouchers for Amazon, M&S or Argos. However we were looking into replacing Argos with a John Lewis voucher. The voucher will be for the same value (£25) and can be used in store, online and for Waitrose.

Would this be a good change? Should we leave the options as they are, or make further changes to the retail stores on offer? Let us know what you think!

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What do we think @Ernie-G @Love2shop25 @Steve587 @Transparent :?
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That's difficult for us to say without knowing the ratios of the existing vouchers you currently give out. Your question suggests to me that Argos vouchers are chosen less often.

Living in rural Devon, I'm highly unlikely to visit any of these stores. So my preference is dictated by what I'd use online. For that reason alone, I'd find Argos preferable to John Lewis.

However.... expanding the subject slightly, I would also like to know what others would think of an OVO Gift Card. If we knew someone on low income who's an OVO customer, I wonder if an OVO Token would make a better birthday/Christmas present than a pair of socks?

Perhaps I should've brought that up when responding to your earlier question about helping customers avoid debt
Personally I'd prefer the JLP/Waitrose option. Years ago I was a regular customer of Argos but now I find that the type of purchase I used to make at Argos I now get from Amazon.

I think a John Lewis voucher would be a good choice.
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I'd like to see if there's much support on the forum for an OVO gift card. Interesting feedback about Argos as well, thanks you two! What do you think @sam_cat @EverythingNeedsAUserName @Solarpayz @SianiAnni @Rooty :?
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I've never had much success getting my friends to sign up for anything, even when it involved them getting a free box of food (and a subscription which they then had to cancel).

Most of my friends would do what I do and go straight through a comparison website which normally offer access to tariffs that are not available for direct sign up and in addition a kick back/cashback.

Q. When we refer a friend do they have access to the same tariffs they would do if they went via a comparison site? If so the £25 should be more like £30 to compete with some cash back sites. Although I know you have to actually give out £50 (or £60) as they get it as do we. I guess the cash back sites take a smaller cut...

For me personally, I would sooner have a Amazon voucher (as I use them all the time) or just an OVO credit to my account as suggested above.
OVO gift card
+pros - you can give it to someone else
-negative - you actually have to remember to apply it your account, which would mean some people miss out. So for me I would prefer a direct credit, but then I don't know anyone else on OVO to give my card to!
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Personally I shot myself in the foot by constantly complaining about my OVO bills and scared my friends out of signing up 🙄

Given the choice though and if a friend did go against my advice I'd go for an Amazon voucher, at least they have a good selection of items to buy and being cheaper than the other stores would usually make a better option.
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It might be worthwhile raising the subject with your friends again in the light of Mitsubishi having just invested in OVO's Kaluza Division.

To see this sort of technology investment just prior to Brexit suggests that Mitsubishi has some serious long-term aims in view. We should remember that most Energy Suppliers simply buy-in additional units for their customers, such as "smart controls". But OVO has decided to create its own energy solutions by acquiring the likes of Indra Renewable Technologies and VCharge.

When you consider Mitsubishi and Nissan wanting to partner with OVO, your friends really need see the wider perspective.
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Thanks for the advice but somehow I doubt that will sway their decisions, OVO are still expensive compared to other tariffs/suppliers available. I could have saved £145 per year by switching myself but it wasn't worth it in the end because that supplier didn't offer the Warm Home Discount which I'm currently receiving through OVO.

Besides all that I think most people probably take cost into consideration as their overriding decision, future investment and other technologies are by the by when you just want to save money.