Adding colour to a Forum reply

  • 7 January 2020
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Adding colour to a Forum reply
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Astute Forum Members will have spotted that there are some new options at the top of the Reply window which allow us to add colour to our messages.

I’ve been adding colour manually for the last two years in order to bring greater clarity to some of my more technical prose. However, the method I used for this was a bit clunky, and probably beyond the ability of many users.

The new icons are shown here:


To add a colour, first highlight the word(s) you wish to be in that colour by dragging the pointer across, click the foreground icon and choose a colour from the palette.

If you’d like to select from a wider palette, click on More Colors which will open a separate window.


The large box to the right marked Highlight depicts the colour under the pointer, and the rectangular box below it has the colour on which you last clicked.

When you’re happy with your selection, click on the Add button, and the Selected Colour will be applied to the word(s) you’d highlighted.

3 replies

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Yes! This is first I’ve heard of this feature being rolled out to everyone!!!!


No more coding needed @Transparent - I bet you’ll miss it a little… I will no longer have to manually edit your posts for the occasions that the code fails to work…… :sunglasses:

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Not all possible colours are available for selection from the on-screen palette. What happens if you want a particular colour that isn’t there?

As an example, I use a certain light brown colour every time I refer to the Northern Territory for smart meters or Arqiva, the company that operates that network. The colour is defined by a number in “hexadecimal notation” which is #C0A980

To obtain that light brown, I open the More Colors dialogue box as before, and enter the required colour number into the lower-right box:


When press Enter any word(s) I had selected are now shown in light brown.

You can play with entering numbers into that box if you already know how to define colours by using the HTML #rrggbb system. But I find it easier to choose a new colour from a web page that allows me to experiment.

Have a look at html-color-codes.info or Rapid Tables.

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To copy a colour that another Forum Member has already used, select the text containing that word and copy it (I use Ctrl-C).

Then move back to the Reply window where you were writing, and paste the text into your own sentence.

This enables you to copy the same colours I’ve used for technical terms, but without you needing to know what my HTML colour code is.

One you have pasted the coloured word into your own reply, you can then change the letters to spell out what you want.

Some of the colours I’ve used are subtle variations, eg:

   The difference between SMETS1 meters and those which use SMETS2 software…

So both versions of Smart Meter are shown in a form of magenta/purple, which is just enough for the reader to understand the difference without their brain having to specifically register whether the word ends in a figure 1 or 2.