A message of thanks - from the CEO

A message of thanks - from the CEO
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5000 points and counting…


27 Topics, 2369 replies and 222 best answers!


Congratulations to @Transparent on reaching the 5000 points mark on our community volunteers leaderboard! We’ve got a message from our CEO that I wanted to share here:



To Transparent,

My name’s Adrian and I’m the CEO of OVO Retail.

It’s been great to hear about the tremendous contributions you’ve made to our OVO forum, and I wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation for all of your efforts.

You’ve helped OVO members directly with over 200 ‘Best Answers’, posted over 2000 comments, and created 27 pieces of informative content: a remarkable effort! This does really help us to deliver on our ambitions to help our customers to live more sustainable lives, in building a community where knowledge and insight is shared, and ultimately helps to deliver our
Plan Zero mission.

So from me and everyone here at OVO, from the hundreds of members you’ve supported, I’d like to say a very big thank you!


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Thank you Adrian and @Tim_OVO.

I very much agree with your desire to build a community which helps us to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

In the last 2½ years that I’ve been an OVO customer, the world has changed substantially. It is clear that the majority of your GB potential customer base now wish to help combat Climate Change through direct positive action.

The strategies and innovative products being developed through your Kaluza Division are essential tools, enabling us to move in the right direction. The current Trials of the V2G charger, Home Battery Storage, the Quantum Storage Radiator, and Zero Carbon Heating (Heat Pumps) are catching our imagination, and providing tangible proof that we might yet be able to attain our goals.

Where David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall have inspired us in the spring of 2019, we now look forward to seeing OVO Retail deliver the products and tariffs which turn that inspiration into a practical reality.

Now together, let’s transform the OVO Forum into the vibrant, informative knowledge-base that underpins our shared aspirations.

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Congrats @Transparent, it’s amazing to see you get the recognition you deserve for helping us out so much here!


Couldn’t do it without you!

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Wow! Thank you! It’s been amazing to be a part of this amazing community for over 2 years! 

I mean we all know @Transparent Is the dude when it comes to majority of the answers on this forum but it still feels nice to feel helpful :joy:

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It could be you getting the shout out next, @ITGeek123:wink:


Thank you for all of your help 

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it still feels nice to feel helpful :joy:


Exactly, everyone can share their own knowledge and insight to help someone. I think the biggest obstacle online communities like this need to overcome is the self belief that ‘I can’t post anything that will help someone else - I don’t know enough about it’ - naaa I don’t buy it!


Even if person X were to be a complete novice, sharing what person X did, where they found info, what they think and what the key questions and challenges are about a subject will help many novices that follows behind them. 


BTW @ITGeek123 we’ve re-done the badge and rank mechanics on the forum. It’s clear that you and @Transparent are the top volunteers here (currently at least), hence why you’re the only two members to have the ‘Top volunteer’ badge :)


Top Volunteer

I’ll see you both on another topic, I’m sure :)

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@ITGeek123 wrote:

I mean we all know@Transparent Is the dude when it comes to majority of the answers on this forum but it still feels nice to feel helpful

You’re very welcome to re-use information from my replies when others ask similar questions!

A lot of my Points derive from responding to a 1st Post from a new Member. Even if the Moderators subsequently move that Topic to merge it with another similar one, you still get the points for answering.

The more of us who can respond to the common questions which get asked here, the better the Forum will be.

I find the key aspect of answering someone’s first post is to remain positive even if they’ve provided insufficient information to enable an accurate assessment of the issue. I want to see them engaged in the problem-solving exercise rather than put off because they feel inadequate.

When someone posts here that they “can’t read the meter” we need to think quite widely as to what the problem might be. I recall one case where a new Smart Meter had been installed in the basement and wasn’t (yet) communicating with OVO. However, the real issue was that the customer was too frail to descend the stairs!

The answer that was really required was to get them added to the Priority Services Register. That doesn’t need much technical knowledge, nor a “geek” to answer it. :wink:

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I just realised the post was for you. God I need to read stuff more carefully 😂

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I think this Topic is for all of us active Members… including @Jequinlan who didn’t even know the points system existed until I told him yesterday that he was in the lead this week! :hugging:

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Congratulations @Transparent and OVO for creating such a friendly and helpful community. Yes, together we can and WILL make a substantial difference, being evangelists for positive change and a net zero carbon world.

Bring on the Tech!!! We will bring the evangelical attitude!

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So whilst I’ve got your attention, let me give away another tip from my armoury:

When I’m out and about, I take photos of any “interesting” energy-related items. I store these in case I later want one to illustrate something being discussed here. That means I don’t have to worry about copyright.

@Jequinlan is about to go to a rural area of Devon with “rich pickings”!

  • There are medium-scale solar-fields with 11kV and 33kV connections visible from an adjacent road.
  • There are wind-turbines of all sizes.
  • There are historic hotels and pubs with Distribution Boards that rightfully belong in the V&A Museum.
  • There are pole-mounted and ground-based substations with far less of the protective housings you’d see in areas of higher population density.

All of these are worthwhile targets, even if only 10% of them will eventually find their way onto the Forum

The one thing he’ll find much less easily here in deepest, darkest Devon, is a public EV Charge Point! :scream:

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I shall have my camera at the ready @Transparent especially for the "lesser spotted chargepoint. "

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Great job @Transparent 


Very well deserved and hopefully you don’t think of ever retiring from the forum! 


Here’s to the next 5000 points!

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Also @Jequinlan if you happen to spot an engineer from Western Power or Wales & West Utilities (Gas Distributor), try asking them:

If I stop and ask you a technical question, do you guys earn Brownie Points from Ofgem to add to your RIIO targets?

They’ll probably appreciate the humour and acknowledge the fact that you realise they’re on a Revenue Constraint strategy (RIIO means Revenue=Incentives+Innovation+Outputs).

All GB Distributors can use meaningful interaction with us members of the public to count towards their RIIO targets, particularly if the dialogue concerns energy efficiency or losses reduction.

Now I doubt that a single field enginer will bother feeding back your conversation to their internal audit-team. But it could open up further avenues of communication as a result. That’s how I’m now able to talk directly to the Technical Network Engineering/Planning Depts of my DNO and GDN.

It’s probably easier for me to liaise with ground engineers here in the Westcountry because time goes more slowly than in the SE. There’s also a general expectation that we’ll talk to strangers. :sunglasses:

Through such conversations I’ve been able to visit some fascinating locations where photographs are not permitted, and learned how they can quickly respond to power-losses for vulnerable customers, such as those with a dialysis machine at home.

Unsurprisingly, most of the Community Groups who operate as Energy Aggregators or run Micro-grids are based south and west of Bristol. And that’s another huge subject which will need discussing on the Forum in time to come… particularly as none of those groups are in partnership with OVO. :face_palm_tone1:

I rather hope that Adrian Letts is still reading this bit!


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@Transparent thanks. The Engineers from UKPN (my DNO) have been amazing every time I talk to them but certainly haven't reached the point of going somewhere I perhaps shouldn't see yet (but I have seen other things in other lines of business due to my line of work very few ever do or could)  i will certainly keep an eye out!

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@Transparent - well deserved recognition and thanks from the community. Your posts are informative, technical and yet easy to understand. Knowledge shared is the best gift and you’re doing great in that department. 

You have definitely taught me a few “shocking” things about electricity :)

Much thanks!

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Knowledge shared is the best gift and you’re doing great in that department. 


Totally agree with this - well said! 


It’s what makes online communities a success, when people in need of info have access to people happy to share and help. If both parties walk away feeling good, there’s no stopping that process!


If we can build this ethos here, our Plan Zero mission might just work! For me the biggest challenge each and every day is helping members realise they can help and advise, as well as being the recipient of this support!