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  • 3 May 2019
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The Topic Map
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Navigate your way around the forum using these commonly asked questions as a starting point



Leaving my old supplier 👋🏼

Just switched to OVO, so why has my old supplier taken a Direct Debit payment?
Can I join OVO with an Economy 7 meter?
I want to switch to OVO but have PAYG meters - can I change them?
If I’ve changed my mind, can I cancel my switch?
What if my old supplier raises an objection?

Joining OVO 🤝🏻

Just joined OVO? Find out what happens next...
How and when do I submit an opening meter reading?
When can I access my online account?
My opening meter readings don’t match the closing ones with my previous supplier - how can I resolve this?
Can I sign up multiple properties in one go?
I've got 2 gas meters - will OVO take over the second one?

Bills & Payments 📃

What is the best day to give readings to avoid estimates being used on bills?
Why do I get estimated readings in my bill when I have a smart meter?
Can you help me understand his statement and balance?
How do I change my Direct Debit date?
Why has my Direct Debit amount changed?
How can I get a refund when my account is in credit?

My OVO 📱

Self Service - Why phone or email, when you can do it yourself?
'Energy Breakdown' on My OVO - what and where is it?
Having difficulty logging into My OVO or the app?
How do I add someone to my OVO account?
Multiple accounts on the App - how does this work?

Smart Meters 💡

How do I book a smart meter installation?
Smart Meter installation - where does it go?
How do I take a reading from my smart meter?
Smart meters - are they safe?
Are smart meters accurate?
Smart meters working but not communicating with OVO - why?
Returning customer with OVO Smart Meters - will they work?
What's the difference between the Pipit 500 and Chameleon In Home Displays (IHDs)?

Tariffs and pricing 💵

Are OVO plans expensive?
Why do standing charges vary from different energy companies?
Where can I find Economy 7 energy prices?
Is it time to renew?

Rewards 🎉

Refer a Friend - tell me more!
New self-service reward - what’s changing?
Do I get the OVO Interest Reward?

Traditional meters ⚙

I've entered the incorrect meter reading - how can I change this?
Monthly reading reminder email - when and why?
I think my meter is over-clocking, can it be checked?
Re-locating gas and electricity meter - can OVO help?
How do I exchange my economy 7 meter to a single rate meter?

Moving house 🏡

I'm moving into a new house, how do I set up my account?
Why can’t I take my OVO account with me to the new place?
My tenants have moved, what do I do next?

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@Transparent this is an example of what I mentioned in our PM thread - topic hubs!


This more of a general FAQ hub, but there’s scope to really build (and continually update) more specific drill downs.