Sad to be leaving OVO...

  • 30 March 2019
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Sad to be leaving ovo, but EOn have offered e same deal with £25 less a month
so goodbye ovo from May 7th
thanks for the time great provider

2 replies

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Thanks for letting us know @Philpalombella - we're sad to see you go!

Our prices aren't always rock bottom, and we'll always be honest about that. We do believe our tariffs are fair, sustainable and reflective of wholesale costs. I hope you bear us in mind if you switch again in future!
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Sorry to hear this 😢 I am not an OVO employee just a customer like yourself. Were you on the green tariff with OVO? Also, did you look into EDF before leaving OVO? Yes, they are a cheaper but are they looking to invest money for renewables energy? Do they support fracking? OVO are doing some amazing work when it comes to renewable energy such as;

OVO smart meter offering V2G

OVO battery storage