OVO takeover of SSE

  • 11 August 2019
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I liked OVO because it wasn't one of the big boys. I wonder how the possible buy out by OVO of the SSE retail arm will affect how they operate?

Have OVO got the resources and capability to become the 2nd biggest energy supplier in the UK?

The Bristol staff must surely be thinking that there might be a relocation on the cards somewhere.

Have OVO got too greedy?

3 replies

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I agree, I was with Southern Electric before I moved to OVO in 2013 and I moved because I was fed up with “big company mentality”- they would hike prices and they did not seem to care if they lost a few customers . I think smaller companies are more aware of and responsive to their customers and offer better value and better service which I don't think these big companies can do.

OVO has been expanding for some time and I think customer service has suffered as a result, I think if this goes ahead it will be very hard to distinguish OVO from any of the other big energy companies. All the while newer, smaller, companies like Octopus are doing what OVO did a few years ago, offering something fresh and new, with good levels of customer service.

I think this is another reason to consider a change when my fixed deal ends in the autumn.
I agree; I'm moving off to Octopus post haste; OVO didn't bother telling me that my renewed contract due to start mid-September would no longer include the SSR of £60.00 yearly which has worked fine until now. I only found out by chance. Fortunately, I'm just still the cool-off period, so I'm cancelling my renewal which I posted on about 1st. August.
I have little faith in a takeover of SSE, and agree that the Bristol staff must be wondering what next?
I've been with OVO since the outset, but now it's time to get out.
I agree. I will be moving too.