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  • 10 February 2017
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New to the OVO community? Click here for a quick tour! 

After that, we’d love to know a bit more about you…


Are you an engineer bursting with technical know-how?


An EV owner wanting some tips on our smart charger or V2G charger?


Just had a smart meter fitted?


Let’s get the ball rolling…..

82 replies

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Hi everyone

My name is Emma and I live in South Wales. I am a married mother of two, who has been with OVO for almost a year.

I have recently graduated from the Open University and have been fortunate enough to live in England and Germany before returning to South Wales.

I was a pay monthly customer but had a smart meter fitted back in October, so now no longer have to worry about remembering to provide meter readings!
I was part of the online group that discussed forum elements before this forum went live, and look forward to seeing its membership grow.
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I am new to this site and discovered it online when I had a concern about an electrical issue. I live in the U.S. and like the
ambience on the Forum. I do event staffing for a living and art is my favorite pastime. I look forward to getting more acquainted
with fellow Forum posters here. : )
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Hi all
My name is Cal McNeill, Im from Belfast but now live in Wymondham, Norwich.
Im married with 4 children, and have been an OVO customer for around 1 year.
Joined OVO due to the price they had on PAYG, and love that I can top up using their mobile app rather than having to find a paypoint shop.
Any contact I have had with the OVO team, has been professional and courteous.
Its a fantastic idea to have this forum as an informal way to ask questions, get advice and share experiences.
Look forward to seeing how the forum develops
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Hi I'm Freda, Scottish but live in North West. I was with OVO for ages and another provided poached me away with sparkly offers of cheaper power. I soon realised the error of my ways and that cheaper as most definately not always better. No way of seeing what my account was at. Top ups no less than £10 and that had to be on both meters, just a total mess. I am so glad to be back here safe and sound with OVO.

I live here with my husband, my 2 dogs, 2 cats, rather large (about 2 metres) royal python and 17 (yes I did say 17) ferrets. The ferrets live outdoors in 2 groups in large runs, one is 6x6x6 ft the other is 6x9x6 ft. They are all pets, don't bite all neutered (or about to be so) and as friendly as anything. We go to shows with them (yes a bit like crufts) and have won various rosettes and trophies includin one for best in show.

I also do knitting, reading and attempt to crochet.
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we don't live in a very big house but with no kids and our grandkids being a long distance away it would be too quiet without all the pets. Also we worked in an animal rescue for a number of years and I think that rubbed off on us a bit, both dogs, the snake and most of the ferrets are from rescues.
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Hey Everyone!

I'm Emily, and have recently joined the team and have been working with Tim, Nancy, Eva and Amy, and I'll be joining the forum as a moderator also. I also work within our Bristol head office and I've been with OVO Energy working within call centre for almost 4 years!!

I'm a mum to a little toddler, so when I'm not working it's a busy day with park trips, soft plays and activities. I also enjoy shopping, a good spa day with the girls and date nights with my husband!

I'm looking forward to getting up to speed on the forum, and speaking with you all.

Emily 🙂
Hey everyone,

My name’s Emily and I’ll be joining Lucy and Tim to help moderate the new OVO Forum - which is pretty exciting!

A few facts about me…

I’m an identical twin
I’m also an OVO Pay monthly customer
I love reading tricky old school dial if you have any head scratchers, send them my way!

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Hi guys and girls,
I'm from the north west. Although originally from Staffordshire. I've got more jobs too do than time to do them, like most parents!

Had no problems with ovo since joining and have saved myself around 15 hours over the past year in not going to top up! Thank you ovo, that's two rooms decorated with that saving 🆒

Great to meet you all. Hopefully we can help each other and offer hints and tips. Problems shared are, well no longer problems, but learning opportunities.
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Hi. My name is Peter Kettle. I am originally from London but now live in Fleetwood. I have 5 grown up children and 2 fantastic grandchildren. I have been involved in the electric metering industry for 25 years and am still installing meters for suppliers all over the north west of England. We also have our own small business which we work part time and are looking for people to help achieve there dreams and goals. I also work part time on a Saturday delivering fish to hotels and restaurants as and when required. We have been with Ovo just under a year and love the PAYG+ and have closely tracked our use age over the past year and found it very competitive. The smart meters in our opinion have been a breath of fresh air and are so easy to use and understand. We certainly wont be moving away as there is no one even close to matching Ovo's great prices even after the price increase, which by the way, every supplier is currently increasing their prices so people can moan BUT by continually moving, will never get a settled price or be able to accurately track on their own use age. Great service Ovo. Keep it going!
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I'm David and I'm generally retired except for being a Trustee of a Hospice and for a small local charity. My wife & I live near the south coast and sailing has been an important part of my life although walking has now taken over and we are frequent visitors to Northumberland (great walking and to see grandchildren).
My background is in industrial and domestic energy utilisation.
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Afternoon all!

Michael here, living up in Newcastle upon Tyne, working for the NHS to support medical types with their IT issues!

Like single malt whisky, mountain bikes, decent food, and the excellent micro brewery that's about 138 seconds walk from my front door! Just need to add some bio info to the profile on here now... wonder if I could find anyone working in IT to help?!

Married to the current Mrs Michael, who drives a nice EV for which Ovo currently supply electricity to keep us gliding around in.

Oh, and "Introduce Yourself" by Faith No More is one of the greatest pieces of music ever, so this is me introducing myself!

PS. I use exclamation marks a bit too much!
Hi I'm crystal from Scunthorpe .
I'm a carer that makes jewellery sometimes .
I live with my daughter and a huge mutt ( yes I am talking about the dog )
I'm a PAYG customer .
Loving the spring weather and hoping to get out and about a bit
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Hi Everyone
I'm Jackie and have been with OVO for around 4 years - why would you change? I check out the competition every year, but no-one can compete.
I worked for the NHS as an HR Programme Manager until recently and now enjoy a life of leisure. I am married with a grown up daughter and 2 cats and I live in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I spend far too much time researching family histories, love history, reading and playing computer games.
I am on pay monthly with a smart meter.
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Hey Char P

Welcome to our new forum! Great to have you on board.

Great job filling your profile, adding a pic and getting stuck in straight away!

Don't forget to add a signature, if you need inspiration, check out some of our other users!!

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This is an intro from Alkj, a new user who has asked me to share this with you:

I have lived in Aberystwyth for 40 plus years, my professional interests were in Aquatic microbiology and environment-with a supporters interest in Welsh rugby. I like the renewable element of OVO's energy supply as long as it is coupled with reasonable ongoing unit costs that my budget can support.
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Hi Freda

I thought my 2 children kept me busy, but I imagine you never stop with all those animals! Sounds fantastic though ( we are not blessed with much room here, so would not be possible to have so many pets ufortunately)
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Hi all,
I have just joined the forum and am looking forward to reading all the comments. I have been with OVO now for 3 years and have had no problems at all, just good service. I am now doing my favorite thing, being retired after working for 50 years. Now living close to Durham. Spent most of my working life in South Africa and 3 years after retiring moved back to the UK Originally from Scotland.
Regards to all


Welcome! Great to have you on board.
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Hi @Nancy_OVO

The more the merrier! The lover of prog rock is a friend of mine. 🆒
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Hey guys, my name is Michael savino. I am new to OVO.
Hi everyone

I'm Shane, I love movies / Music and think I have an eclectic mix of music and movies that I enjoy

I work in IT and will edit this later on to add more. Just at work at the mo
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Hi Everyone,

My name's Pete Shepherd, from Leeds, and we've been with OVO for a few years now.

We've recently installed solar panels, so we're selling electricity as well as buying it, which is a nice feeling!

We've also smart meter users, and like them a lot.

Best wishes,
Hi my name is Polly and I have been with Ovo for around a year and a half now.
I was lucky enough to have been invited to visit Ovo last Friday, along with 3 others including @Aadil, for a tour of the place and to meet some of the amazing people who work there, We had lunch with @Darran_OVO and @Lucy_OVO and had a thoroughly brilliant day.
Thanks guys! :D:D
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Hi @Page welcome to the forum from me, I'm also an EV driver, I have a 40Kwh Nissan Leaf Tekna, my first EV. Would be great to hear about your driving experiences and which EV you have. As suggested by @ITGeek123 post in our EV section

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Hello everyone!

I’m Nancy and I’ll be joining Tim, Lucy, Emily and Emma as a forum moderator. I also work in the Bristol head office and started my journey at OVO in the call centre.

When I’m not hard at work, I love scouring vinyl shops for prog rock LPs, cycling round the glorious countryside of the South West and cooking up tasty vegan dishes.

I’m really excited to get involved in our ever-expanding forum, so fire your questions my way!

Hey everyone,

I'm Callum, I've just recently joined OVO and have booked a smart meter fitting later this month. It's great to see so many interesting discussions on here so I wanted to get involved.
I'm an astrophysics researcher with a spare-time interest in hiking and outdoor activities. I also enjoy "messing" with electronics and home automation, so having a smart meter and an active group to discuss this with is ideal!