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  • 10 February 2017
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Hi @liaemars! Welcome to the Forum 🙂
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Hey @monna1234 - I've moved your post here where you can introduce yourself!
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Hi @jonas,

Thanks for popping in to say hello :)

I had a look at your Forum Profile to see if you'd filled in any background info about yourself.... but not yet, I see. So it would be great to know a bit more about you, and what's prompted you towards this Forum, please.

I did note that you'd (tried) to start a new Topic "Creative ways to use e-waste ", but the link doesn't work.

I'm just tagging a couple of the Moderators, @Tim_OVO and @Eva_OVO to find out why.

Sometimes a posting ends up in the anti-spam trap when it shouldn't do. One hint I'll give you is try to avoid inserting links to other websites until a Topic is up and running. A new member sending in something sending readers to an external site can look very like spam to the auto-bot.
I have been looking for a box in which I can introduce myself but to no avail. Is it me???
I came to OVO from the dreaded BG a few years ago and have had Smart Meters fitted a year ago. The installer never left me with instructions on how to interrogate the remote. Some two months ago I called OVO and was told that an email would be sent with the instructions attached. No such email has arrived. Perhaps there are no instructions or need for any.
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Good morning @PeterR1947 😁

Yes @PeterR1947 Is lucky to have the 40Kwh Leaf while I am here rocking the old school 24Kwh 😘
Hello Iam New Member
Thank for the replies,

I have a 30kW Tekna Leaf, I find that the car is relaxing to drive and is feels effortless on the road. At home there is a Podpoint charger which has performed flawlessly for a year now.

Now its winter its great not having to scrap in the mornings, remote preheat is great....
The worst thing is going back to driving a ICE car, the vibration, noise and changing gear.

My employers are in the process of installing some chargers at work as there seems to be more EV's in the car park now. A mixture of Leafs, i3, Outlanders and a couple of Tesla model S.