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  • 10 February 2017
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Hi everyone

My name is Emma and I live in South Wales. I am a married mother of two, who has been with OVO for almost a year.

I have recently graduated from the Open University and have been fortunate enough to live in England and Germany before returning to South Wales.

I was a pay monthly customer but had a smart meter fitted back in October, so now no longer have to worry about remembering to provide meter readings!
I was part of the online group that discussed forum elements before this forum went live, and look forward to seeing its membership grow.
Hey everyone,

My name’s Emily and I’ll be joining Lucy and Tim to help moderate the new OVO Forum - which is pretty exciting!

A few facts about me…

I’m an identical twin
I’m also an OVO Pay monthly customer
I love reading tricky old school dial if you have any head scratchers, send them my way!

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Welcome Cal!

Great to have you on board, thanks for introducing yourself!

We have a few PAYG topics on the go, so why not check them out and share your experiences with others!!

Many thanks again for getting involved.

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Hi all
My name is Cal McNeill, Im from Belfast but now live in Wymondham, Norwich.
Im married with 4 children, and have been an OVO customer for around 1 year.
Joined OVO due to the price they had on PAYG, and love that I can top up using their mobile app rather than having to find a paypoint shop.
Any contact I have had with the OVO team, has been professional and courteous.
Its a fantastic idea to have this forum as an informal way to ask questions, get advice and share experiences.
Look forward to seeing how the forum develops
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Thanks team forum!

Just a quick note for our new members, don't forget to check your junk mail for the email to active your account. We don't want you to miss out on getting involved!

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Hey guys,

It’s going to be hard to follow on from Tim and Darran's wonderful introductions, but let me give it a go!

My name’s Lucy and I will also be helping to moderate our Customer Forum alongside Tim. I’m really excited to start interacting with you all and getting to know a bit more about you, as I absolutely love a good chat.

When I’m not moderating the Customer forum, I’ll be planning my next adventure as one of my passions is travelling. I most recently did a road trip from Chicago to San Francisco and I also managed to explore Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in 30 days! If you want some of my top travel tips, or to find out where I’m off to next, feel free to ask. :)

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Hi everyone,

This is Tim here, a moderator for the brand new OVO Forum. I work in OVO’s head office in Bristol, and I’m very excited to be part of the chat - get involved!

I’m a very tall, very loud, music lover and I love a good photo of a meter set up. The more cables and pipes the better. Oh and my favourite tune has to be the disco classic “Thinking of you” by Sister Sledge. What do you think?