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  • 10 February 2017
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Welcome to the forum @Page!

Great to hear you have an EV. We have lots of conversations on here already covering which EV's people have, good and bad charging stories etc! Hope you enjoy getting involved.

As @ITGeek123 mentioned, it would be great if you could post a new topic in this section, to tell others about your experience of owning an EV:

You can have a read of all the great articles already in here to give you some inspiration!!

@ITGeek123's was even shared in a marketing email campaign and on Twitter, he's practically famous! Haha!!

What! I was on Twitter? haha! That's news to me 😛 I feel privileged
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Here we go then!!

I'm electrified to be joining the best bunch at OVO, I'm based in the Bristol office and also started in our contact centre.

When i'm not here I love to visit my family just down the road in Somerset. I'm a big music fan and I'm fortunate enough to be heading back to my spiritual home of Glastonbury this year, I love to travel and discover new places. I'll stop now because this sounds like a Tinder bio🙃

Looking forward to getting to know you all and help with any questions you may have.

Amy 😁
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Hey Everyone!

I'm Emily, and have recently joined the team and have been working with Tim, Nancy, Eva and Amy, and I'll be joining the forum as a moderator also. I also work within our Bristol head office and I've been with OVO Energy working within call centre for almost 4 years!!

I'm a mum to a little toddler, so when I'm not working it's a busy day with park trips, soft plays and activities. I also enjoy shopping, a good spa day with the girls and date nights with my husband!

I'm looking forward to getting up to speed on the forum, and speaking with you all.

Emily 🙂
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I am new to this site and discovered it online when I had a concern about an electrical issue. I live in the U.S. and like the
ambience on the Forum. I do event staffing for a living and art is my favorite pastime. I look forward to getting more acquainted
with fellow Forum posters here. : )
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You're welcome here @ripalto1.

I wonder what electrical issue in the USA resulted in you being directed to a UK website?!

From previous communications with others across the Pond, I'm aware that you have an Electrical Code.

Here, most of our electrical requirements are in "Approved Documents, Part-P" which is a very useful specification derived from the requirements of our Building Act, 1984; (with later Amendments).

Mains Electrical Installations (above 50v) and any gas-pipework, must be installed and signed off by an accredited professional. All other aspects of building work may be attempted by untrained people. I'm a self-builder, which means I'm doing all the work on my own house.
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(I don't own a computer/device--I have to use a library computer--so I am unable to post a photo for my Profile)
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(I also live in a residential hotel, so "N/A" about utility questions)