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  • 10 February 2017
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Hi all,
I have just joined the forum and am looking forward to reading all the comments. I have been with OVO now for 3 years and have had no problems at all, just good service. I am now doing my favorite thing, being retired after working for 50 years. Now living close to Durham. Spent most of my working life in South Africa and 3 years after retiring moved back to the UK Originally from Scotland.
Regards to all


Welcome! Great to have you on board.
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Hello everyone!

I’m Nancy and I’ll be joining Tim, Lucy, Emily and Emma as a forum moderator. I also work in the Bristol head office and started my journey at OVO in the call centre.

When I’m not hard at work, I love scouring vinyl shops for prog rock LPs, cycling round the glorious countryside of the South West and cooking up tasty vegan dishes.

I’m really excited to get involved in our ever-expanding forum, so fire your questions my way!

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Hi @Nancy_OVO

The more the merrier! The lover of prog rock is a friend of mine. 🆒
Hey everyone,

I'm Callum, I've just recently joined OVO and have booked a smart meter fitting later this month. It's great to see so many interesting discussions on here so I wanted to get involved.
I'm an astrophysics researcher with a spare-time interest in hiking and outdoor activities. I also enjoy "messing" with electronics and home automation, so having a smart meter and an active group to discuss this with is ideal!
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Welcome @Esouhlleb!

Great to have you on board.

I look forward to seeing you getting involved across the forum and getting to know other users!

Hi Everyone, I am Sarah and live in Nantwich, amongst the Cheshire set 😊 I work for a medical device company selling my wares to the NHS; having worked for the NHS as a nurse for many years previously.
Mum (single) to three kids....although only one of them I still a child; 2 daughters 23 and 21 and my son who’s 4 who keeps me well and truly on my toes!
I am a big fan of motorsport,with my passion being F1...I will not apologise for being a fan of Lewis Hamilton having met him numerous times...don’t believe the news, he is lovely and a damn good racer!
I love gin....gin is king...I love it almost as much as my kids....but not quite 😂 although F1 gives it a run for its money on the love scale 😂
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Welcome @SarahJo great to have you on board!!!!!!
I have been looking for a box in which I can introduce myself but to no avail. Is it me???
I came to OVO from the dreaded BG a few years ago and have had Smart Meters fitted a year ago. The installer never left me with instructions on how to interrogate the remote. Some two months ago I called OVO and was told that an email would be sent with the instructions attached. No such email has arrived. Perhaps there are no instructions or need for any.
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Welcome to the forum @User4!

Check out this link for all In Home Display (IHD) troubleshooting queries; Just let us know if you can't find what you're looking for.

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Hi Everyone
I'm Jackie and have been with OVO for around 4 years - why would you change? I check out the competition every year, but no-one can compete.
I worked for the NHS as an HR Programme Manager until recently and now enjoy a life of leisure. I am married with a grown up daughter and 2 cats and I live in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I spend far too much time researching family histories, love history, reading and playing computer games.
I am on pay monthly with a smart meter.
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Hi @Jackie_Treehouse - it's great to see you on the forum getting involved!
Hello everyone. I am new here.!!
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Hi @jonas,

Thanks for popping in to say hello :)

I had a look at your Forum Profile to see if you'd filled in any background info about yourself.... but not yet, I see. So it would be great to know a bit more about you, and what's prompted you towards this Forum, please.

I did note that you'd (tried) to start a new Topic "Creative ways to use e-waste ", but the link doesn't work.

I'm just tagging a couple of the Moderators, @Tim_OVO and @Eva_OVO to find out why.

Sometimes a posting ends up in the anti-spam trap when it shouldn't do. One hint I'll give you is try to avoid inserting links to other websites until a Topic is up and running. A new member sending in something sending readers to an external site can look very like spam to the auto-bot.
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@jonas I echo @Transparent's welcome!

Great to see you signing up. How long have you been an OVO Customer?

Also I checked and your topic had gone into spam, I have moved it now so its live on the forum!!

Look forward to getting to know you!

Hi everybody, I'm Lia. Nice to meet you!
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Hi @liaemars! Welcome to the Forum 🙂
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Hey all!
My name is Matt, I am 25 (26 next month cough) hmmm where to start? I work in London as a Senior IT Consultant. The Journey is a lovely 1 hour 30 minutes to work and back so 3 hour travelling everyday. But you know what, it's the best job i've ever had so travelling has never bothered me. What does bother me is having to wake up early as I am not a morning person unless I have COFFEE! I tend to download shows on my phone and watch them on . the train, currently getting through a lot of anime which has been on my list for a long time such as Attack on titan, One Punch Man, Kill la kill and Cowboy bepop.

When I get home, I love to kick back, relax and play video games, I really enjoy my music which includes listening to metalcore, metal, rock, indie, heavy metal. You name it, if it has a guitar and sick drum beats... I listen to it! Before my new job I used to stream full time on playing video games. But with the new job unfortunately I do not have the time 😞 If you are interested and would like to follow go here and twitter is I hope to get back into the groove and stream on weekends :D

I am a very enthusiastic person when it comes to being green and helping the planet, currently an owner of a Nissan Leaf and have owned the car for over a year now. I have been a Vegetarian for over a year as well, I have tried to become Vegan but I just love pizza too much!

Hopefully I haven't blabbed on too much! Nice to meet you all 🙂
Hello Iam New Member
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Hey @monna1234 - I've moved your post here where you can introduce yourself!
Hello from Wiltshire,

Just signed up tot the forum but have been an EV Everywhere customer for a while.
Have been driving an EV for just over a year now and like keeping up with the technology used in the renewable energy sector which I believe is going through very interesting times.

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Hello @Page Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you are an EV Everywhere customer like myself 🙂 Please, share your experience driving your EV on our forum by posting a new topic in the Owning an EV section on the forum 🙂
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Hi @Page welcome to the forum from me, I'm also an EV driver, I have a 40Kwh Nissan Leaf Tekna, my first EV. Would be great to hear about your driving experiences and which EV you have. As suggested by @ITGeek123 post in our EV section

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Good morning @PeterR1947 😁

Yes @PeterR1947 Is lucky to have the 40Kwh Leaf while I am here rocking the old school 24Kwh 😘
Thank for the replies,

I have a 30kW Tekna Leaf, I find that the car is relaxing to drive and is feels effortless on the road. At home there is a Podpoint charger which has performed flawlessly for a year now.

Now its winter its great not having to scrap in the mornings, remote preheat is great....
The worst thing is going back to driving a ICE car, the vibration, noise and changing gear.

My employers are in the process of installing some chargers at work as there seems to be more EV's in the car park now. A mixture of Leafs, i3, Outlanders and a couple of Tesla model S.
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Welcome to the forum @Page!

Great to hear you have an EV. We have lots of conversations on here already covering which EV's people have, good and bad charging stories etc! Hope you enjoy getting involved.

As @ITGeek123 mentioned, it would be great if you could post a new topic in this section, to tell others about your experience of owning an EV:

You can have a read of all the great articles already in here to give you some inspiration!!

@ITGeek123's was even shared in a marketing email campaign and on Twitter, he's practically famous! Haha!!