Countdown to the Forum VIP day!

  • 12 June 2019
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We are all very excited to be welcoming eight very special forum guests to OVO Head Office in Bristol next Monday! We are building the excitement internally and are looking forward to getting to know what makes them tick!

We want to spend time with our users, get direct feedback from them, give them some of the scoop on the latest projects at OVO to share with everyone else on the online community. That’s why we’ve set up this exclusive event. 🎉

We hope this will become a regular thing, so we can allow more of you to come and visit us and get engaged with OVO and what we are trying to achieve long term. The energy industry is complex, so the more we learn about how this impacts our customers, the better we will get at realising our vision for the future.

The day will kick off with a tour of our main office, including a trip to the Treehouse (which has a slide) and the ski-lodge style ‘Basecamp’ meeting room. 🗻

Our Forum VIPs will then get to spend some time with various project leaders in Smart, EVs, User Experience and of course have some fun with the Forum Moderator team (there may even be cake…….)🍰

Give it up for our Forum VIPs:

@Transparent @Leo Moran @aaronr @PeterR1947 @tony1tf @UC Bear @NoPoke @Fred Rick

7 replies

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Looking forward to meeting the OVO team next week! 🙂
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Hi, so sorry, just offered important hosp visit unfortunately takes priority. I will be delighted to accept another invite next time should you be kind enough to make one cheers 😀
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Oh @Fred Rick - I'm sorry you won't be able to make it. I'd read your Forum Profile and was looking forward to engaging in conversation with a Restorative Justice Practitioner!

There are some societal aspects as to how we develop the UK Energy Industry in the future, and you might have some interesting insights into that. My own local Council (newly elected) has asked to meet with me and discuss just such an initiative.

Perhaps this is a(nother) Topic that needs airing on the Forum anyway!

... who gets your slice of cake on Monday? 😉
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Hi Transparent. Thanks for the response.

I am a very active RJ Practitioner working with Resolve West (Charity) across Avon and Somerset. I find it a very challenging and rewarding role. I'm disappointed I can't come along Monday however if you would like any information about RJ ping me your contact details and I will be delighted to discuss / meet away from the VIP day.

Kind regards, Fred sad to miss the cake and multiple slides down from the Treehouse!
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Can't wait to meet you guys and gals and I'll volunteer to eat @Fred Rick 's cake (I'm a martyr)
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@Fred Rick Ah that's a shame, cannot believe you chose hospital over a visit to see our lovely faces!! Lol!

But in all seriousness, totally understand, and yes we will definitely make sure you are on the list for the next one.

Hope all goes well with your hospital appointment, sounds like @PeterR1947 has your share of the cake covered........ 🙂 🎂